The Honda VFR1200F Suspension Settings – Resolved

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Honda VFR1200F Suspension Settings

If you are wanting to change how your ride feels, or is your VFR1200F rocking back and forth when you ride over bump or potholes, to resolve this common is would beHonda VFR1200F Suspension Settings to  to alter the Honda VFR1200F suspension settings, but this may not be the only way to resolve this problem.

The irritating rocking can be due to a multitude of things not just the suspension settings, for example if the tyre pressure is too high or too low depending on your body weight and ride style, this maybe the answer to this problem, consider inflating the rear tyre to 42 PSI and the front tyre should be around 36 PSI. But if you have checked the correct tyre pressure and the problem persists and you are sure it has vfr1200f dct problemssomething to do with the suspension setting, the settings are Front rebound ( 6 clicks out from full stiff)  Front preload (2 lines showing),  Rear rebound( 3/4 turns out from full stiff), Rear preload (11 clicks from full soft).

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