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Are you passionate about cars and the power of knowledge? Do you have a loyal audience hungry for expert automotive guidance? Then buckle up, because RepairBooks is offering an affiliate program that’s built to fuel your earning potential!

Why Partner with RepairBooks?

We’re not just another eManuals site. We’re a community of gearheads dedicated to providing accessible, high-quality automotive manuals for DIY enthusiasts and professional mechanics alike. Our comprehensive library covers a wide range of vehicles and repair tasks, all meticulously crafted by industry veterans.

But what makes us truly unique is our commitment to:

  • Top-notch content: Our eManuals are clear, concise, and packed with detailed instructions, troubleshooting tips, and high-resolution visuals. We pride ourselves on accuracy and user-friendliness, ensuring your audience gets the best possible value.
  • Proven track record: We’ve built a loyal following of satisfied customers who trust our expertise. This translates to high conversion rates for our affiliates, meaning more commissions in your pocket!
  • Generous commission structure: We offer one of the most competitive commission rates in the automotive niche, rewarding your efforts handsomely for every sale you generate.
  • Dedicated support: We’re here to help you succeed! Our affiliate team provides access to marketing materials, promotional tools, and ongoing support to optimize your campaigns.
  • Flexibility and freedom: Choose how you promote our eManuals. Integrate seamless affiliate links into your website, blog, social media, or even email marketing. The possibilities are endless!

Benefits of Becoming Our Affiliate:

  • Earn passive income: Let our comprehensive eManuals work for you. Every referral that turns into a purchase translates to a commission in your bank account.
  • Expand your reach: Tap into our established audience of car enthusiasts and leverage our brand reputation to build trust with your own followers.
  • Diversify your income stream: Add multiple revenue streams to your business without adding extra workload. Our eManuals are the perfect complement to existing automotive content.
  • Become a trusted advisor: Position yourself as a go-to resource for car care and repair knowledge, enhancing your credibility and expertise within your community.
  • Join a passionate community: Connect with fellow car enthusiasts and automotive professionals, sharing knowledge and insights for mutual growth.


Henry James

Henry James The Loyal Blogger

I've been promoting RepairBooks eManuals on my automotive blog for years and it's been a game-changer! My readers love the practical guidance and I've seen a significant boost in my affiliate income. The commission structure is fantastic and the support team is always there to help. It's a win-win for everyone.

Carl Walker

Carl Walker The Social Media Guru

Building a following on Instagram can be tough, but partnering with RepairBooks has been a lifesaver. I share tips and snippets from their eManuals on my stories, and my audience eats it up. The conversion rate is amazing, and I love knowing I'm helping people learn how to fix their own cars. Plus, the affiliate dashboard is easy to use and track my earnings.

Edward Tennet

Edward Tennet The YouTube Mechanic

As a mechanic with a YouTube channel, I'm always looking for top-notch resources to recommend to my viewers. RepairBooks eManuals are my go-to! They're clear, accurate, and cover a wide range of repairs. My viewers trust my judgment, and seeing them successfully fix their cars using the eManuals is incredibly rewarding. The affiliate program is a bonus, and it definitely helps me keep the lights on!

Paul Thompson

Paul Thompson The Niche Website Owner

I run a website dedicated to classic muscle cars, and RepairBooks eManuals fit perfectly with my content. I offer them as bonus resources for my premium members, and they've been a huge hit. My members appreciate the in-depth guides and I love being able to offer them something extra valuable. The affiliate program lets me monetize my passion while helping fellow classic car enthusiasts.

Shane Bradford

Shane Bradford The Email Marketing Master

My email list is my bread and butter, and promoting RepairBooks eManuals has been a fantastic addition to my campaigns. I segment my list based on interests and tailor my email copy accordingly. The eManuals are perfect for readers who want to learn more about car care, and the commission on sales is fantastic. It's a great way to offer my subscribers valuable content while boosting my income

Sam Southgate

Sam Southgate The Affiliate Network Kingpin

I manage a large affiliate network, and RepairBooks is one of our top performers. Their eManuals are high-quality, the conversion rate is excellent, and their affiliate program is well-structured and easy to use. My affiliates love promoting them, and I love the consistent revenue stream. It's a win-win partnership for everyone involved.


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