Land Rover Discovery 5 L462 Camshaft Cover

Each camshaft cover is secured to the cylinder head with 15 bolts, a stud and a nut. A grommet seals the holes in the cover and a sleeve controls the compression of the grommet. Threaded inserts are fitted to each cover to allow for the attachment of the ignition coils. A plastic cover is fitted over the ignition coils and is secured with snaplock studs. Each camshaft cover is fitted with a breather. The left side cover has a baffle plate which collects oil vapor and allows it drain back into the oil pan via the cylinder block. The left side breather provides for engine full load operation and vents cylinder block, emissions into the left side air filter outlet.

The right side cover is fitted with an omega plate and a pressure control valve. The right side breather provides for engine part load operation and vents cylinder block emissions into the throttle which is integral with the supercharger. A groove in the outer edge of each cover provides the location for the re-useable camshaft cover gasket. Three separate gaskets, located in the center of the camshaft cover, prevent oil leaking into the area around the fuel injectors, spark plugs and coils.

A Bank 1
B Bank 2
1 Stud, nut, grommet and sleeve – 1 of bank 2, 2 of bank 1
2 Bolt – 15 of per cover
3 Grommet – 15 of per cover
4 Spacer – 15 of per cover
5 Pressure control valve spring
6 Pressure control valve inlet
7 Twin pressure control valve
8 Pressure control valve cover
9 Two-way valve
10 Camshaft cover – bank 2
11 Spiral oil separator
12 Baffle plate
13 Camshaft cover gasket
14 Camshaft cover spark plug/injector gasket – 3 of
15 O ring seal
16 Oil filler cap assembly
17 Camshaft cover spark plug/injector gasket – 3 of
18 Camshaft cover gasket
19 Baffle plate
20 Omega flap plate
21 Camshaft cover – bank 1


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