How to clean your car efficiently

How to clean your car efficiently

Cleaning your car can sometimes be over complicated or put off entirely. If you can’t physically see too much dirt, it can easily become one of those tasks you avoid. However, cleaning your car acts as a protectant against rust and corrosion. So you’re not only making it appear fresh, you are making it last longer.

For optimal maintenance, professionals recommend cleaning your vehicle every second week. This may feel overwhelming for many people, in the midst of all the millions of other weekly jobs on to-do lists. Here, let’s take a look at simple tips to smoothline your car cleaning process and do a good job at it.


How to clean your car efficiently
Clean interior first

The main reason for cleaning the inside of your vehicle first is due to the fact it’s difficult to avoid marking the vehicle when you are cleaning your interior while the outside is driving. Cleaning the interior shouldn’t take too much time – think of it as similar to cleaning your room. Dust first with a cloth. Clean the windows with either a damp cloth or for a smear-free, sparkly finish, use a glass cleaner.

Use glass or window cleaner on the windows

Using glass cleaner will give a smear-free, sparkly finish without streaks. Cleaning windows without products can be difficult and sometimes turn out looking even worse than before. There are glass cleaners on the market that specifically protect for up to five years, which additionally make it easier to clean in the future.

Vacuum at the final stage of the interior cleaning

Now it’s time to vacuum the seats and floors – we recommend undertaking this at the final stage so you can vacuum up any debris that falls during the first stages.  Remove the mats so you can give an effective clean by vacuuming up the dirt and dust that was sitting underneath the mats. Vacuum the seats and any nooks and crannies, including cup holders and compartments in the door. After you have vacuumed the interior, make sure you shake the mats outside and give them a quick vacuum before returning them to the car.

Get your materials ready first

For the exterior, you will need a brush for the wheels, sponge or cloth, one bucket of water, one bucket of soapy water (with specialist car cleaning product making it soapy), as well as a towel. Have access to a hose or if this isn’t possible, prepare an extra couple of buckets of water.

Clean your vehicle from the roof down in straight lines

If you don’t use the right strokes, it won’t only cause swirl marks but it can scratch the car. Dip your sponge or cloth into your soapy water and starting from the roof, clean downwards. It’s crucial to keep dipping your soapy sponge in the clean water in order to clean off debris, or moving this existing debris around will scratch the surface. Likewise, if you accidentally drop your choice of cleaning tool, either replace it or ensure all debris is washed off. After doing the nitty gritty cleaning, such as scrubbing your wheels, rinse off the soapy water in all areas of the vehicle using either a bucket of water or an accessible hose. Utilising these tips will make your car cleaning a lot more quick, swift and efficient, all while ensuring you don’t damage your car!