The Uber Motorcycle Jacket Review

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The Uber Motorcycle Jacket Review


As with all other products in the Uber range quality and finish are of utmost importance to Uber. When choosing a motorcycle jacket this top Uber Air Flow Vented Textile Motorcyclethings to look out for would be robustness, can it be used in different weather conditions and what the fit is like, it may look good when you stand in front of the bedroom mirror, but it ‘s no good if you are unconformable on long rides. This Uber motorcycle jacket like all other products in the range, has to be the best around for price and value for money, the robustness of the elbow and shoulder armour hold the CE approval, it also has a removable waterproof and thermal liner, which can come in handy when riding in colder weather. The fit of many motorcycle jackets can sometimes be a hit or miss, but this new range comes with volume adjusters on both the sleeves and waist. Uber are at the forefront in motorcycle clothing design and affordability and are making the larger name brands sit up and take notice. If you would like to take a look at the full range of Uber clothing and accessories click here.

Customer Reviews :

  • Owned many budget jackets over the years but non as tough as the Uber.

  • Great product would buy again.

  • Can’t complain – got my jack for less than £30

  • Have several products from Uber, can’t complain on value for money

  • Superb thermal jacket.

  • The only jacket I can find that actually fits me, so yes would recommend.

  • Uber in my option are far superior to most big brand’s which are 3 times the price.


Uber Motorcycle Jacket Review

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The Uber Mugello Motorcycle Helmet Review

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The Uber Mugello Motorcycle Helmet Review

The Uber Mugello motorcycle helmet is one the the most affordable brands around and we give it 10/10 for value for money. Here in the UK the only thing you need to wear (from legal point of view) is your motorcycle helmet, and is without doubt the single most important thing you can buy,  it’s also without doubt most important thing you’ll ever purchase (from a motorcycle owner point of view). Uber have released their latest range of affordable motorcycle clothing. Uber motorcycle clothing is proof that affordable does not me low quality Uber Mugello Motorcycle Helmetor poor fit. Uber’s core values are concentrated on quality, value, finish and of course value for money. Uber’s motorcycle clothing are some of the best value for money motorcycle products around. On closer inspection the Uber Mugello helmet displays a level of passion from the manufacturers, in fact these products could have been easily mistaken for products 5 times the price. A removable interior is a must on any modern helmet and is particularly important when using your bike on daily basis, the removable interior makes it easier to clean. The Uber Mugello motorcycle helmet has a washable / removable lining so it will stay fresher and cleaner for much longer.

Customer Reviews :

  • Amazing quality, would recommend .

  • Very happy with my first Uber helmet.

  • Well priced for the the standard of quality.

  • Got the Mugello as a birthday gift from my wife, could not believe how much it was – in a good way.

  • Little or no noise on motorway runs, I have spent twice this on lesser helmets.

  • More than enough space in the helmet for my intercom.

  • We live in a world where big brand names are rammed down our throats, but Uber have demonstrated that quality does not need to be sacrificed when it comes to price.


Uber Mugello Motorcycle Helmet

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Garmin Drive 51 LMT-S Sat Nav Review

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Garmin Drive 51 LMT-S Sat Nav Review


Garmin Drive 51 LMT-S Sat Nav Review

This 5 inch dual orientation Garmin Drive 51 LMT-S Sat Nav, is one of the simplest satellite navigation systems to use on the market. The Garmin Drive 51 LMT-S come complete with a lifetime of maps of the UK, Ireland and Western Europe, in fact it has maps for a total of 24 countries. Features include : driver alerts, live traffic and real-time information  and parking for a more stress free journey. Clear friendly voice navigation with a non-clutter on screen


  • Come pre-loaded with very detailed maps of 24 counties

  • Free lifetime maps updates

  • Free Lifetime Live Traffic updates

  • Alerts for dangerous curves, speed changes, railroad crossings, animal crossings, school zones, speed cameras and much more

  • Driver lane assistant including junction view eases navigation of  junctions

  • Real world directions that provides guidance using landmarks and traffic lights

  • Up to date parking information for off and on street parking at your destination

  • Route Share – Share your journey / route with friends and family

  • Points of interest (POIs) such as hotels, restaurants and attractions updated and rated via TripAdvisor & Foursquare

We recommend downloading the Garmin Smartphone Link app after purchase and using it with the GPS. This can dramatically improve journey time as the app updates via your phone to allow you to get to your destination, avoiding accidents, road works and so on.


Customer Reviews :

  • Researched all sat navs and this Garmin seemed the best.

  • Generally good all round

  • Excellent price.

  • Easy to setup.

  • Followed instructions carefully and downloaded initial Garmin software as can only register online. Unfortunately none of the reviews mentioned that you needed an up to date PC. My oldish PC would not download NET which apparently is essential in order to even register the thing let alone update the maps which were out of date already.

  • Very disappointed that Garmin do not publicise the need for a new PC to even register their products.

  • Used this machine for the first time on a trip to see family, worked perfect, easy to use.

  • My previous sat nav was a TomTom. I was looking for a replacement with more user friendly support software at a reasonable price and this product is ideal.

  • So easy to setup, we have two, one for me and one for my wife and it’s so easy to update and manage multiple devices.

  • It has lane guidance for junctions and gives clear instructions about upcoming turns.

  • Only slight negative I’ve found is the default size of the screen map display which is a bit small for my liking but there is a plus/minus button at the side of the screen,I find increasing the size by a single push on the plus does the job.

  • An address programmed in to one device can be shared with the second device, no need to program the address in to both separately.

  • Wish I had one ages ago. Far superior to my older other make.

  • This was a replacement for my previous Garmin.

  • This updated version was much simpler to use.

  • Easy to use and has been accurate, so no complaints.



Garmin Drive 51 LMT-S Sat Nav Review

The Streetwize Heavy-Duty Car And Bike Battery Charger Review

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Streetwize Battery Charger Review

streetwize battery charger instructions

The Streetwize 6v & 12v 8 Amp battery charger is not only well priced, but also one of the best around. It’s not the fastest charger available, but is great value for money. The chargers clamps are fully insulated, the charger leads are an adequate length and the user interface is very easy to use. The Streetwize plastic cased battery charger is one of the best chargers of it’s kind, this heavy-duty battery charger is double insulated, protects against thermal overloads and reverse battery connection. This robust charger will charge the battery of your motorcycle, car or lawnmower. The LEDs show the current charging levels.  This charger is suitable for  lead acid batteries only.



streetwize battery charger instructions


Thinking about a BMW K1300?

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BMW K1300S, K1300R & K1300GT Review


BMW K1300GT ReviewIf you are in the market for a new K1300, this is our small K1300S, K300R and K1300GT review along with some input from a survey. Hope this write-up help you decide if you will take on one of the amazing motorcycles.

The K1300S, K1300GT, K1300R Running Costs.
You may think that running anything with a BMW badge will come with a hefty price tag, at least when it comes to replacement parts, but you would be wrong and the running costs of the BMW K1300S, K1300R and K1300GT are reasonably low. Also, the fuel consumption is not too bad, on average the K1300 series run at 45mpg which sounds fairly reasonable considering the size of these bikes, but these engines do prefer super unleaded which needs to considered when attempting to calculate the running costs. Service costs can range from £150 to £350 depending if the service is minor or major.

The K1300 Performance
Something worth mentioning is that all these bikes have similar engines, so it’s the real difference is down to riding style and the aerodynamics of the bike, for example at high speeds the K1300S will have less drag than the others models in the rage.

BMW K1300GT top box

What goes wrong with the K1300?
We looked at a survey from over 1089 K1300 owners, 923 had no issues with their bikes. I would say this is a fairly good result for the model range, especially when this is still a new bike which does have teething problems. The BMW K1300GT reliability is what you would expect from a BMW, but there were still problems. So what about the problems that were there? the most common issue seemed to be around the switchgear, starting issues, immobiliser failing, air box (causing fast idol issue), fuel gauge issues, the BMW K1300GT Windscreen had rattling issues and battery problems, as you can see these are not major issues, but problems non the less which should not be there, especially when these bikes are fairly expensive. Some other more serious problems we found included clutch issues, cam chain tensioner problems, gearbox problems, leaks from shaft drive and some suspension faults. If you have already purchased your BMW and want to attempt to save some money by repairing those problems yourself, take a look at our downloadable BMW K1300 workshop manual

What about the tyres?
The BMW K1300GT have 120/70-17 on the front and the rear tyres are 180/55-17, but there is an option to get the wider (190/50-17) tyre on the rear. The tyre life can exceed 8k on the front and 6.5k on the rear. The best make include Michelin’s Pilot Road 2 and Michelin’s Pilot Power tyre’s.BMW K1300GT reliability

Whats the general finish of the BMW K1300’s like then.
Many would say the K1300 finish is not as good as it once was, that said our survey showed that over 80% said they were happy with the K1300’s overall finish. From the people who said they had issue with the bikes finish, they mentioned things such as corroding fasteners and the engine paint flaked on some models.

What mods are available?
On the K1300GT Models the Hard luggage is a popular option, the BMW K1300GT top box was one of the first things owners purchased after the initial outlay of the motorcycle, but on the BMW K1300R and BMW K1300S owners favour the semi rigid panniers.

So are the dealerships any good?
Many of the K1300 owners thought the dealerships were very good, but as you would expect some were less than impressed, in fact less than 5% of K1300 owners commented negatively on their dealerships.