The Uber Motorcycle Jacket Review

Uber Air Flow Vented Textile Motorcycle

The Uber Motorcycle Jacket Review


As with all other products in the Uber range quality and finish are of utmost importance to Uber. When choosing a motorcycle jacket this top Uber Air Flow Vented Textile Motorcyclethings to look out for would be robustness, can it be used in different weather conditions and what the fit is like, it may look good when you stand in front of the bedroom mirror, but it ‘s no good if you are unconformable on long rides. This Uber motorcycle jacket like all other products in the range, has to be the best around for price and value for money, the robustness of the elbow and shoulder armour hold the CE approval, it also has a removable waterproof and thermal liner, which can come in handy when riding in colder weather. The fit of many motorcycle jackets can sometimes be a hit or miss, but this new range comes with volume adjusters on both the sleeves and waist. Uber are at the forefront in motorcycle clothing design and affordability and are making the larger name brands sit up and take notice. If you would like to take a look at the full range of Uber clothing and accessories click here.

Customer Reviews :

  • Owned many budget jackets over the years but non as tough as the Uber.

  • Great product would buy again.

  • Can’t complain – got my jack for less than £30

  • Have several products from Uber, can’t complain on value for money

  • Superb thermal jacket.

  • The only jacket I can find that actually fits me, so yes would recommend.

  • Uber in my option are far superior to most big brand’s which are 3 times the price.


Uber Motorcycle Jacket Review

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