Auto Mechanic: Exploring the Diversified Job Description

Auto Mechanic Exploring the Diversified Job Description

Auto Mechanic: Exploring the Diversified Job Description

Auto Mechanic Exploring the Diversified Job Description


A career in the automotive industry is a diversified path to follow, depending mainly on the experience and training of the mechanic. The main difference lies between repair and service of electrical and mechanical auto parts and the vehicle body parts. An auto mechanic is required at vehicle body service centres, auto dealerships, or independent auto parts repair and service facilities. Some experienced mechanics may also offer on call independent services to car owners.

Depending on The Type of Services Offered, Technicians May Be of The Following Types:

1. Service auto mechanic: He is responsible for taking care of routine auto servicing jobs, such as oil and fluid level checking and replacement. When required, following recommendation of the manufacturer is important. They also carry out routine checks on the major mechanical and electrical auto components as per the recommended servicing schedule. Monitoring the ignition system and fuel operation to ensure proper starting and fuel efficiency of the vehicle are other areas of checks. Diagnostic mechanics have similar roles like the service mechanics. Additionally, they are responsible for not only fixing, but also diagnosis of underlying problems and the efficient working of the electrical, ignition and the engine systems.

2. Engine, brake and transmission auto mechanic: They are employed by workshops that need specialized auto technicians for handling brake and transmission systems. These technicians are trained in diagnosis of

problems in the braking and electronic system and ensure vehicle safety. Mechanics trained in transmission systems need a sound understanding of the steering and electronic systems, which is required to ensure the vehicle’s safety and smooth drivability on a long term basis.

3. Vehicle body repair technicians: These are trained in repairing and replacement of old or damaged auto components like headlights, fenders, panels, axels, steering systems etc. The repair or replacement may be required because of wear and tear due to prolonged usage or damage due to an accident. The advice to repair or replace the component is dependent on the extension of damage as well as the economical aspect of it. Technicians may also sometimes advise the vehicle owner for cosmetic repairs, in case of minor scratches or dents.

4. Paint auto mechanic: He is an expert in all types of vehicle painting services. Vehicle may need re-painting due to damage caused by an accident or it may be just a requirement for a fresh coat of paint to look fancy. Since DIY kits for vehicle painting are cumbersome, it is advisable to visit a spray booth for flawless finish. Also, in case of colour scrapping due to an accident, these experts are well trained to match the colour exactly making the car look as good as new.

5. Auto inspectors: They are technicians who are well experienced in vehicle safety. Certain states require vehicles to pass through regular emissions and safety inspections as a part of state legislation. These mechanics are trained to identify repairs or replacement of auto components that do not meet the required standards of efficiency. A current certificate of inspection is issued to the vehicle owner upon successful inspection.

6. An auto mechanic: They may also specialize in auto glass repair, expert in vehicle glass replacement and repair. Mainly damage caused by accident leads to the requirement of glass replacement, which may be the windshield, windows, rear or side view mirrors. A replacement is not mandatory if there is a small chip and can easily be repaired flawlessly.

Apart from technical skills, an auto mechanic needs to exhibit a number of additional skills to thrive in the automotive industry. Since their work involves working simultaneously with customers, team members and supervisors, their work heavily demands them to possess people skills, analytical abilities, attention to detail, co-ordination as well as leadership to name a few.