Tips for Maintaining Cummins Diesel Engine

Cummins Diesel Engine

Tips for Maintaining Cummins Diesel Engine

Diesel technology has come a long way in recent years from ultra-low sulfur diesel to bio-diesel. You can use the DPF filters to cut down on the emissions & install highly efficient common rail injection systems to gain maximum miles per gallon. All of these changes are great if you are taking the proper steps to keeping your diesel vehicle running at peak performance.

Cummins Diesel Engine

Diesel Engine Cummins Turbochargers:

The Cummins Turbochargers are a huge part of making your diesel-run efficiently. In order to get the maximum life & optimum performance out of the induction system, you can follow these maintenance tips:

Firstly, always allow your vehicle to start up & idle for a few minutes. You must allow time for the oil to reach every nook and cranny inside the engine and you need to take few minutes to supply oil to the turbo.

The oil additives are also great for Cummins turbochargers. The oil additives will help in keeping lubrication at peak levels and help these intricate parts stay running for a longer period of time.

Biodiesel, Diesel, and ULSD Fuel Additives:

Fuel has been going between biodiesel and ULSD. There are two major fuels that you will see at any fuel station or truck stop. No matter which one is readily available, you must choose a diesel fuel additive. Diesel fuel additives will properly keep those injectors flowing at full capacity with a nice spray pattern.

You also want to find a fuel additive that demulsifiers water. A lot of additives on the market will try & burn the water out through the injection system. What is the reason behind the same? Why make this harder for your diesel vehicle which already has a fuel water separator for a good reason? The fuel water separator is prepared to take the water out from the diesel fuel.

Another thing which the diesel fuel additive is great for is fuel gelling. In the colder months, you may face some problems starting your engine. So, it is wise to have a sense of security by using a fuel additive which readily eliminates this particular headache.

Diesel Oil & Filter Changes:

This is another maintenance item that is present on the diesel engine. Diesel oil changes are critical as these engines have a high heat running motor. The life of engine oil depends on how often the vehicle is driven & the conditions under which it is being used. This is crucial to follow the OEM recommended oil change intervals in order to keep your engine safe.

While engine oil seems, it would be the only filter you should have to worry about but it is not. Diesel fuel filters also need to be changed at times as well. It is crucial to change the air filters and oil even in the diesel engines. Apart from that, you need to check the coolant of your engine and always try to keep it clean. You should change the fuel filters on time and use best air filters for your diesel engine.

Cummins Diesel Engine 2

While you are operating your Cummins turbo diesel engine, you have to keep your foot off the pedal until your engine is at operating temperature to ensure all those intricate parts are lubricated properly. You need to change the air and fuel filters on time. The coolant that you are using in your Cummins turbo diesel engine should necessarily meet or exceed the OEM specifications. Following these measures would help you in properly maintaining the Cummins turbo diesel engine in your vehicle.