Triumph Speed Triple Secondary Air injection Removal And Installation Guide

Secondary Air lnjection large

Triumph Speed Triple Secondary Air injection

Secondary Air injection System Purpose and Operation

System Purpose and Operation

The secondary air injection system is an aid to reducing levels of pollutants in the exhaust gases. It does this by introducing a small amount of air into each exhaust port as the exhaust valve opens. The introduced air helps promote further combustion of the fuel mixture in the exhaust system after it has left the combustion chamber.

At certain specific engine speeds above idle (determined by the factory programming of engine management system), the secondary air injection control valve is opened by the ECM and allows an air feed into the secondary air system where, each time a pair of exhaust valves open, the exhaust gases in the exhaust port create a depression which causes reed valves in the secondary air injection system to open. When open, the depression in the exhaust port draws air from the control valve, through the open reed valves, into the exhaust port. This air promotes secondary combustion of the exhaust gases in the ports and the header system.

At other engine speeds, the system is disabled by closing the control valve in the system. Therefore, this allows an oxygen sensor to control air to fuel ratios. If air was fed to the exhaust system when the oxygen sensor was operational, the incoming air would cause inaccuracies in the readings sensed by the oxygen sensor <which requires access to ‘raw’ combustion gases), in conclusion would lead to rough running.

Secondary Air injection Solenoid Valve ( Removal )

  1. Remove the seat
  2. Release the three fixings and remove the front panel from the fuel tank.
  3. Disconnect the battery, negative (black) lead first.
  4. Remove the fuel tank (see page 10-93).
  5. Release the hose attached to the valve.
  6. Disconnect the electrical connector, release the screws and remove the valve.


  1. Carefully fit the solenoid valve to the airbox, ensure
    that its seal remains fitted to the airbox.
  2. Fit the screws and tighten to 2 Nm.
  3. Reconnect the electrical connector and the hose to the valve.
  4. Refit the fuel tank.
  5. Reconnect the battery, positive red) lead first.
  6. Refit the front panel to the fuel tank and tighten the fixings to 2 Nm.
  7. Refit the seat.

Secondary Air injection System Purpose and Operation Screen shot Install

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