Removing Bad Smells From Inside Your Car

Removing Bad Smells From Inside Your Car

As much care is taken with your car, bad smells can make an appearance inside and last for days, and we all know it can be annoying. For this problem, the simplest solution that most people Removing Bad Smells From Inside Your Carresort to is to have resorted to is to put on an air freshener.  But all these remedies do is disguise the bad smell, so the key issues may be never addressed.  Sometimes the odor problem comes due to poor personal hygiene, from the normal car occupants, that in some way spreads to the car interior. While there are simple fixes to a “smelly you” issue that go beyond the scope of this article, there are two main factors more directly related to the vehicle, such as:

Mold and Carpet Issues

Among the most common causes for unpleasant odor to exist is mold, which accumulates in the air conditioning system or on the carpet. In this situation, the ideal solution is to clean the area and treat it with an anti-mold solution. These types of products are applied directly to air conditioning vents, because due to their chemical composition they can kill the germs that cause bad odors.

In case the bad smell comes from the carpet, due to a leak, or an open window left open, or water or snow that gets into the sole of your shoes, or some other problem inside your car, then it will have to be addressed by a deep cleaning.  For this you have to wash with a brush and detergent designed for carpets or fabrics, and after that you must dry thoroughly with a vacuum cleaner or hair dryer. If you want to avoid this task, you will have to resort to a carpet cleaner. In both cases, it is recommended that at the end of the task, you turn on the air conditioning for a few minutes, or park the car in direct sunlight with the doors open.

As the winter season or rainy season approaches, consider replacing carpeted rugs with plastic or rubber for the season. Another tip for bad smells is to do preventative cleaning work ahead of time, so that this does not happen. That includes inspecting the windshield and sunroof drains, which can be clogged by dry dirt and leaves. If these drains are clogged they can cause water to leak inward or drift along the roof of the car, causing some puzzling litter and annoying odors.  Cleaning them is an easy task that does not require too much effort—just vacuuming to remove the debris, or removing it by means of pressurized air. Under no circumstances should clothing hooks or wires be used to clear the lines, as there is a risk of tearing the materials.

Trunk Odors

The trunk of the car can be the most smelly place of any car. There are many things that get into a trunk and are get left in it, making the smell go from bad to worse. Eliminating the smell of the trunk is a little more difficult to do than that of the interior of the car since, without ventilation, it can be humid and very dirty. But with a few steps you can remove the bad smell in no time.

Open the trunk and leave it exposed to air. Inspect it to determine the cause of the odor. Empty it and put everything in it in a place where it can stay for several days until you finish cleaning. If possible, clean everything that was in the trunk thoroughly with soap and water, and if some surfaces should not get wet, clean it with a cloth.

Make sure once the interior of the trunk is dry to sprinkle with plenty of baking soda. Use a brush if needed to spread it out to get full coverage.  Cover the entire carpeted area and let it sit for a few hours to absorb the bad smell. Sweep up the baking soda and vacuum it up with a handheld vacuum. Make sure you clean well in the cracks where it may have gotten. Fill a container with white vinegar and place it in the center of the trunk. Close it and leave the container there for a day or two to remove the remaining odor. While the vinegar is in the trunk, leave the car parked and don’t drive it.

Spray everything in the trunk with a freshener before putting things back inside it. If any element still smells, do not put it back in, or the problem will return. Close the trunk once you have entered all the normal items. Always clean the trunk of the car outside and in a well-ventilated area so that the smell can go away more easily.