Nissan Navara Auto Lock Free Running Hub Removal And Installation

Nissan Navara Auto Lock Free Running Hub

Auto lock free-running hubs are locked by placing the transfer case into the 4WD mode and moving the vehicle. They are unlocked by placing the transfer case into 2WD mode and moving the Nissan Navara Auto-lock Free Running Hub embedvehicle in reverse gear in a straight line for at least 2–3 meters. In most cases, the “ratcheting” noise sometimes heard in auto-lock free-running hubs occurs when one hub is locked and the opposite hub is unlocked. The noise is heard in the side opposite to the locked hub. For example, if the noise is heard at the left front wheel, the right front hub is still locked and is not unlocking. This condition may be caused by a mechanical condition in one of the hubs or by incorrect operation on the part of the vehicle driver, for example by not backing up in a straight line to unlock the hubs, by not backing up enough, or by shifting into 4WD at too high a vehicle speed, etc. The ratcheting noise does not necessarily cause damage to the good hub. If the noise is caused by incorrect operation, counsel the driver of the vehicle. If replacement is necessary, replace only the defective parts. It is not necessary to replace auto-lock free-running hubs in pairs. Use the trouble diagnosis chart to isolate the cause of the noise.

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  1. Remove auto-lock free-running hub assembly.
  2. Remove snap ring.
  3. Remove spindle washer and fixed cam assembly.
  4. Install fixed cam assembly. Be sure to align the tabs of the fixed cam assembly to the notches of the knuckle. During installation, apply recommended grease to the parts.
  5. Place the spindle washer and then the snap ring over the axle shaft positioning them between the two locking grooves.
  6. While supporting the axle shaft behind the knuckle, use an appropriate sized deep socket to securely seat the snap ring into the inner locking groove. Visually verify that the snap ring is fully seated into the locking groove.
  7.  After installing auto-lock free-running hub, check operation.


  1. Check axle axial end play.
  2. Inspect fixed cam (thrust washer) assembly. If this part shows evidence of galling or heat damage—usually caused by too little axle axial end play—replace as necessary. Check axle axial end play if this part is replaced.
  3. Inspect hub assembly. Hold inner splines on a finger and spin the outer body. If the hub shows signs of damage, or if there is excessive metallic clicking when the hub is spun, replace with a new one. New hubs are greased during manufacture. No additional grease is required. New hubs are supplied with fixed cam assemblies. Any hub, the original or a new one, should go onto the axle freely by hand and fit flush against its seat. If it does not fit flush, do not pull the hub into place by tightening the bolts. The hub is possibly misaligned inside and tightening the bolts will cause damage. Remove the hub and turn to align correctly before continuing.
  4. Once repair is complete, test drive to check for correct operation and the absence of noise.

For further information on this topic or any other Nissan Navara problems, consider downloading the official Nissan Navara repair manual from the link below, or click the download button for the direct download.
LINK : Nissan Navara Repair Manual

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