Limousine and Stretch Limo: How Do They Compare


From the beginning of time, people tend to prefer exceptional design and luxury. Means of transportation come in different sizes and characteristics. Limousines have beenchaf present for centuries ( some sources claim that they showed up for the first time in the 1700s). The name limousine comes from the French region Limousin, and the first automobile limousine appeared in 1902. An interesting fact is that from 1903 a synonym for limousine was a luxury car proving how prime these vehicles are. Many definitions mention that these vehicles are often correlated with airport transport.  In terms of terminology, a limousine car is a big luxury car with a closed compartment driven by a licensed chauffeur.

On the other hand, a stretch limo is an extended, long, and luxurious car driven by a professional chauffeur. A couple of decades ago, limousines were unavailable for the most meaning that most governments and wealthy individuals used them. Now, in this modern era, renting luxurious vehicles such as limousines, are available for all. Naturally, there is a lot of confusion regarding limousine and stretch limos; hence we made this list to make it easier to understand the difference.



It is simple as it sounds. Length is the first criteria and the main asset in making this difference. A stretch limo is a vehicle (SUV, sedan, town car) parted in half, expanded, and welded back together to achieve the desired exterior and interior. Fun fact: any vehicle can be a stretch limo if modified right and stretch limo can be as long as 42 ft while limousines are usually around 30 ft long. The length makes it easy for anyone to recognize the main difference between various types of limos.


2.Number of seats

The more, the merrier! A famous saying is fitting perfectly here. For many, the number of available seats (alongside comfort) is a deal-breaker.

There are various kinds of limousines on the market, depending on the client’s needs. The number of seats available in these luxury vehicles starts at 8 to even 18 persons. Some occasions require bigger ( longer) vehicles and stretch limos offer more places. Regular limousines are more appropriate for smaller crowds.

3.Occasion and purpose

We all like to have fun in style, meaning taxis are often not a good enough mean of transportation if you’re trying to appear stylish and unconventional. A reason why renting a limousine is getting very popular even for partying (party busses).

Reasons for renting any limousine are different, including proms, bachelorette parties, business meetings and venues, airport transportation, parties, high-end venues, etc. Regular limousines are usually used for airport transportation, business meetings, and more private events while stretch limousines make a more bold, prime, and luxury statement.

You can even choose your favorite color and model easily since most certified companies will go out of their way for every possible question or requirement.


4.Safety and complications

The market today contains numerous companies renting limousines and hiring professional chauffeurs, making it hard for customers to recognize legit companies from unprofessional firms. A dangerous setting because safety is essential in every type of transportation, especially when talking about unconventional vehicles which can be very difficult to deal with.

Logically, stretch limousines ( because of their form and length) can be very hard to park and operate. Because of their dimension, many drivers experience a lot of difficulties which is why professional chauffeurs are a must in this industry. Proper training, experience, and licensed vehicles provide a safer environment for clients, and this is a prime principle for legit companies.

When talking about parking a stretch limousine, various difficulties come up since no parking space is as long as this vehicle is. Besides, there is a difference in equipment. Stretch limousines accentuate safety equipment and all sorts of gadgets, gear, and devices while regular limousine doesn’t offer that many additional tools (simply because they are far easier to operate and safety risks are lower).

Whether you are looking for a regular limousine (merely a luxury vehicle) or a stretch limousine you basically can’t go wrong. They both are synonyms for luxury, it’s just about how luxurious you want to be. Be careful, do the right research advice with your family and friends, and think twice. Both options are pretty expensive and you want to make sure you’re making the right choice. 

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