Ford Fiesta Mk7 Front Bumper Removal and Install | Video

Front Bumper and part numbers

This article shows how to remove and install a Ford Fiesta Mk7 front bumper, there are some illustrations and details that come from our Ford Fiesta workshop manual along with the video (below). If you are interested in the full workshop manual consider downloading it from the button below.

Front Bumper and part numbers

Ford Fiesta Bumper Removal and Installation

1. With the vehicle in NEUTRAL, position it on a hoist.

2. Remove the front wheels and tires.

3. If equipped, remove the 2 front stone deflector extension retainers on both sides from inside the front wheel wells.

ford fiesta front bumper removal

4. If equipped, remove the 2 bolts and both of the front stone deflector extension. 


stone deflectors

5. Remove both front fender splash shields. 

6. Disconnect the front bumper cover from the bumper cover brackets.

 – Remove the 3 front bumper cover-to-front bumper cover bracket bolts on both sides.
 – Gently pull down on the front bumper cover to disconnect it from the bumper cover brackets on both sides.


Ford Fiesta Wheel Arch

7. If equipped, disconnect the auxiliary parking lamp electrical connectors.

8. Remove the front bumper cover bolt on the underside of vehicle.

Ford Fiesta Underside

9. Remove the 4 upper radiator grille reinforcement-to-radiator support pin-type retainers and remove the front bumper cover assembly.

Ford Fiesta Front Bumper Highlighted

10. To install, reverse the removal procedure.
 – Transfer all necessary components.

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