Daihatsu Sirion Automatic Transmission Problems Resolved

8th February 2017 News

Daihatsu Sirion Automatic Transmission Problems

Daihatsu Sirion Automatic Transmission ProblemsAre you having Daihatsu Sirion automatic transmission (aka gearbox) problems? If so the most common issues around the this model include lack of gearbox oil, check to see if the colour looks red, to see check the oil there is a automatic gearbox dipstick, another consideration is to check the transmission oil filter which needs to be replaced approximately every 3 or so years. Finally is problems still occur it maybe worth checking the automatic transmission module behind the glove-box, although  unlikely this could be your problem. For more information on the automatic transmission on the Daihatsu Sirion, consider purchasing the Daihatsu Sirion Repair Manual, this very in depth, well illustrated, downloadable manual covers near all aspects of repair for your Daihatsu Sirion.