12 Best car accessories and gadgets for car lovers

12 Best car accessories and gadgets for car lovers

12 Best car accessories and gadgets for car lovers


Whether buying or financing a car it is an emotional decision with lots of research and deep thinking. Same with the right accessories for your car, which can complement your vehicle and add more to it. Every car type needs some aftermarket accessories whether it is just daily maintenance or for adventure. Looking at the world scenario and shifting circumstances, there’s an up-to-date list of must have car accessories that cope with the problems which were not considered earlier.


12V Battery Charger and Maintainer

If you don’t use your car for long and leave it sitting in the cold weather, it drains the batteries. Many classics are infrequently used vehicles and their owners use battery maintainers to keep their vehicles charged with these

battery chargers and maintainers. The present and past year circumstances changed the driving habits of a large number of commuters, keeping their vehicles parked in the garage or driveway for a long period of time. This calls attention to the necessity and benefits of having a battery charger and maintainer.

These battery chargers are compatible with any electricity source and they are strong enough to charge and maintain large pickup trucks also, you can adjust voltage as per the temperature also, helping for prolong battery life. Once your vehicle’s battery is charged you are ready to go. There are a range of models for heavy duty and light vehicles.

Floor Mats

Your vehicle’s carpet has to go through a lot of everyday use routine. There are different kinds of car owners with different companions like, some have kids and pets that ride along them, inviting issues of food crumbs and drink spills or sometimes you live in an area which often experiences heavy or frequent rainfall. Which means you have mud around you. Whatever the reason, stains on your vehicle’s carpet are not good and everyone wants to keep them neat and clean. These stains can also lead to bad smell inside the cabin. There are a wide range of floor mats you can buy for your loving vehicles. Different types of floor mats for different weather conditions, like solid rubber mats for better winter protection or the one that protects against the mud. All weather floor mats are ideal if you experience changing seasons. These floor mats are designed as per your requirement, keeping your car smell fresh and clean.



Smartphones are very important to stay connected to the world and because of this it becomes very difficult for us to stay away from our smartphones, even while driving. These smartphones assist us in our daily routine work, whatever we do or wherever we live. Using a smartphone while driving is against the rules and regulation. Using a smartphone while driving can lead to an accident which can be dangerous but there are important calls to use a phone like getting the right direction from GPS when you lose your way or answering important planned phone calls when you are stuck in traffic. So, having a smartphone holder in your car is very important. Mobile holders help you to use smartphones in cars, you can use your phone hands free and get navigation also. There is no need to hold your phone in one hand and drive with another, a mobile holder enables you to drive with both your hands. You just need to switch on the GPS, mount your smartphone and you are ready to go. You can easily look at the phone screen and drive hassle free.

Car Air Purifier

When you are on a long trip or commute, your car’s air quality can suffer. There are car air filters but they are still not advanced yet, when you compare the inbuilt car air filters with your home VAC system they are far away. This makes it difficult to get clean and quality air inside your car. So, what to do, should we fix an air purifying unit in the car but it’s bulky to use in a car, don’t worry there are car air purifier units which are light in weight and can get plugged directly into your car 12v electric output which is also used as cigarette lighter. These car purifiers clean the air around the clock with ionic technology and make your car’s air breathable throughout the commute. These car purifiers also eliminate bad smells that might be stuck in your vehicle like smoke, diapers and pets.

Car Phone Charger

In today’s world staying connected becomes very important, and it is possible with your phone and if your phone runs out of charge it can be a problem. There are new vehicles in the market which have inbuilt phone chargers but if you own an old car or your car doesn’t have one, then you should invest in a car phone charger. There are a variety of car phone chargers in the market with different voltage and capacity. Choose one which is compatible with your phone and you are good to go.

Car Trash Can

No matter how much you care about cleanliness in your car and how hard you try, but it’s true you’re gonna end up with trash in your car. People think that cup holders, door panels and side pockets are to put trash and you can easily find trash in them. But it’s’ not the right place to put trash, just buy a mini trash can. There are a variety of trash bins for your car, you can place them on the floor, hang them from the back seat and some can even place in cup holders. These trash cans are easily accessed and come with adjustable straps so that you can install them where it is more convenient. These car trash can are made of waterproof material, easy to wash and hold a good amount of trash in it.

Mini Fridge

This might not appeal to everyone, but it’s very useful to have a mini fridge in your car. If you love to drive and like to commute long distances in your car, with or without your family you might have felt a need for a fridge that can carry your food and beverages, keeping them chilled. Mini fridge comes with the capacity to cool up to 32°F or keep warm up to 150°F. You can get one according to your storage requirements. These mini fridge are compact and can be placed anywhere inside the car. These fridge comes with removable shelf so you can clean it and place small thinks like yogurt, milk and fruits Mini fridge work on 12V cigarette lighter receptacle. There are mini fridge which are free from and environment friendly.

Dash Cam

Dash cams have become a popular car gadget in recent years due to its recording feature. It allows you to record everything while you are driving on the road, you can use it to record your trip too. Many youtubers use these dash cams for recording their youtube videos and blogs It has one more feature important than others, in case of accidents. Dash cams come with wide angles lens and wide dynamic range technology getting a wider view with clear footage at night also. These dash cams are featured with loop recording, on\off audio, burst photo capability, motion detection and many more.

Tyre Inflator

Have you ever been stuck on a roadside with a flat tyre, with no mechanic shop near you? All you need is a tyre inflator. Tyre is one of the most important gadgets that everyone should have in their car. This superhero takes care of your car’s tyres by keeping them inflated and in shape all the time you need. It’s a very simple to use tool but very useful, it is quite portable “good things come in small packages”. It takes care of your tyre and keeps the air pressure right, low air pressure can reduce the mileage of your car. Increasing fuel price makes this more important to get one. It is user friendly and has endless reason to buy one and no one can deny its importance.

Mobile Signal Booster

Signal booster is something one step ahead, you can mount a signal booster on your car or caravan. It is very small in size but effective. You can experience the ultimate confidence of seamless connectivity constantly with whole world as you travel to farthest point or remote area with less connection or signals. There are many mobile phone signal boosters supporting simultaneous multiple calls. You can receive your very important call without any signal problems. Imagine your car breaks down in the middle of a desert and your mobile phone is not able to catch the signals, here comes our hero mobile signal booster. Signal booster will amplify mobile network signals and assist your mobile with better signal strength with reduced noise and disturbance, with faster internet connection.

Head Up Display

While we are driving any vehicle it is very important to keep a check on certain important information like directions, speed, information about the engine etc. this head up display displays the important information into the user’s field of vision without interrupting the road view. It also takes care of parameters like head position and viewing direction. Head up display has the upper hand over the conventional display such as the traditional car display.  There are devices in the market that can change your smartphone into a heads up display, and you can use it for receiving calls, controlling music and reading text.

Car Vacuum Cleaner

Every car lover and enthusiast wants to and keeps their car neat and clean. Vehicles with snack foods and chip crumbs on the floor and seats are not acceptable. But what to do if you have a family, especially kids and they travel along you and you can’t resist them. Okay not a problem you will take some time out to clean your vehicle on weekend but wait, what about the small pieces of snack food. A portable car vacuum will be the best tool to clean them. You just have to get it charged and you are ready to go. You can use it after you get home or on weekends. Just switch on the vacuum and it will suck all the debris from your loving car. No more fault smell and dirt. Keep your vehicle clean with a portable car vacuum. These portable car vacuums can also run on car 12V output, the cigarette lighter one.