Moshe Strugano Explains How to Enhance Engine Power

Diesel Engine

Diesel Engine

The process of tuning a diesel engine electrically has developed over the past ten years. Prior to performance tuning, there were not many alternatives to enhance the performance of diesel engines. Such engines, albeit fuel efficient, tended to produce low output of power and were sluggish in acceleration and hence the need to tune them electronically came into existence. After the introduction of ECU engine management, popularly known as electronic engine management via computer chip, the notion of sluggish diesel engine performance is eliminated. Professional tweaking of the ECU module allows the engine to take in precise amounts of fuel with appropriate air mixture and feed it into the combustion chamber with precision.

Also, modern CRDI (common rail direct injection) diesel engines are far better than IDI (indirect injection) and DI (direct injection) and deliver better fuel efficiency with improved acceleration and overall engine smoothness. Moshe Strugano (Attorney – Moshe Strugano and Co Law firm), In recent years, performance tuners are now capable of fine tuning CRDI engines even further and produce more brake horse power and torque figures in the process. In fact, enthusiast classic car owners have taken to performance tuning in order to breathe new life into their machines hailing from the 1990s. Consequently, older generation cars running on ECUs can be made better, faster and more fuel efficient, thereby prolonging their life and making their owners happier than before.

What’s the reason for engine tuning?

Car owners who wish to eke out more power from an engine, along with enthusiast car owners are the first lot of individuals preferring engine tuning. Precision tuning of diesel engines especially is the hottest procedure in these days as it boosts the power and torque figures of the motor to a great extent. The main aim of engine tuning is to increase fuel efficiency while there are people who order ECU tuning merely for performance. On single and double stage tuning, the power of an engine can be increased by 10% to 15% while adding other performance upgrades can bump that figure even more. For instance a Volkswagen diesel Golf that produces 190hp can be tweaked to deliver in excess of 220bhp after ECU tuning alone.

Consider adding auxiliary performance parts such as free flow exhausts, polished headers and weight reduction, and you will notice sizzling performance with a higher power to weight ratio. Nevertheless, more and more people usually opt for ECU tuning especially to increase fuel efficiency figures where car owners have reported spectacular increase in mileage from stock form. For example, a diesel car returning 15 MPG can deliver more than 25 with advanced ECU tuning.

Points to understand before ECU tuning

You may come across a large number of tuners online who will cater to your ECU chipping at a very low cost. However, all of such tuners may not deliver you the best of service and some cars may not be prepared accurately for remapping. One thing you must be prepared for before tuning is to prepare the car so that it can handle the additional power if you are remapping the ECU for performance. Upgrading the brakes with better calipers, pads and other components will enable you to stop the car effortlessly after heavy acceleration.

Additionally, the tires on the car must be in accordance with the performance tweaking. Skinny and bald tires will not be able to handle the additional power and you will need to upgrade them to fatter and stickier rubber. Also look out for good reviews on the internet for ECU tuners before you take your car for a remap. There also is a possibility to cut down on your performance tuning spree by acquiring best quality used car accessories from renowned portals.

Remap from a competent tuner

It is important to verify that your insurance company covers ECU mapped cars before you give the car in for a remap. This is because certain insurance companies do not solicit modified cars and some consider remapping a modification. , Once you have finalized a deal with a performance tuner, you must ask them for a demo vehicle to see what changes you can expect from your own car. Reputed remapping companies do provide demo cars in different levels for complete customer satisfaction.