6 Tricks to Try When Your Car Won’t Start

Imagine you are going camping with your family. The tent, sleeping bags, and torches are already loaded in the trunk. Everyone is ready & thrilled for a long drive. You step off your home only to see that your cars’ engine is dead. What do you do?


Here, are 6 tricks to troubleshoot your car when it won’t start :


  1. Jump-start the battery in your car.

Finding a good Samaritan to help you jump-start your car is way more convenient than finding jump cables in case of an emergency. It is wise to always keep jumper cables in your car. Now, with the jumper cables and a fellow human ready to help, follow the process explained below to carefully jump start your car:

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Before you start the procedure make sure that both the cars are turned on.
  2. After that, the positive end of the red-colored jumper cable must be connected to the terminal that has “POS” or “+” written on the dead battery.
  3. Also, the other end of the red cable must be connected to the same terminal in the car with the good battery
  4. Next, you have to connect one negative end of the black cable to the negative terminal of the good car’s battery.
  5. Upon completion of point 4, you must connect the second end of the black cable to any metal surface under the hood of your car which is not painted.
  6. Now, the car has to be started with a good battery and it should be kept running for at least 2-3 minutes.
  7. Cables have to be removed with precision and then the dead car has to be started.
  8. The dead car must not be switched off yet. It must run for thirty minutes while the battery recharges a bit.


  1. The car has to be started on Neutral.

First, ensure that your car is in parking mode. If the car does not start while in the same, make sure to try to start your car in neutral. Now, if your car starts when in neutral, this probably means that you have a faulty neutral start safety switch. In that case, you have to see a professional & get a car repair service.


  1. You need to hit the starter with a hammer or hard object.

 This trick is tailor-made for savvy drivers!

While you hit the starter with a hammer or hard object you need to have someone turn the key. (Note: This is certainly not for you if you don’t know where your starter is.)

Whenever this works, you have got yourself verified that your starter was the problem. You have to go for a new starter.

Now, this is only a temporary solution and you will need to take your car to a mechanic and get your car repaired.


  1. You need to Push-start a manual transmission.

This works only on manual transmissions/stick shifts.

Stay in the car and put your car in neutral mode. Next, you need to find someone else to push your car or maybe start rolling down a hill to gain the required momentum. Make sure your key is on and good to go. Once you are in motion, hold the clutch. After that, you need to put the car into either first gear or reverse. This depends on the direction that you are moving. This is a substitute for your starter. Suppose your starter is not working and your car has spark and fuel. However, there is no compression and timing. In that case, gaining momentum or movement in this way starts your engine.


  1. Your battery terminals must be checked.

What connects your wiring to the battery posts are the battery terminals. Remember to make the connection as tight as possible and corrosion-free. Your car won’t start if there’s a loose connection. This happens because when the battery is exposed to air a chemical reaction in the battery corrodes itself. Battery connections must be tightly wound, otherwise, there will be a hamper in the flow of current.


  1. There should be sufficient fuel for the engine to start

If a car is refusing to start then almost every issue must require professional help except that of fuel.


Summing up

We understand how frustrating it is when your car won’t start. You are doing everything right – turning the key or pushing the Start button again and again. But maybe you’re just having a bad day and it doesn’t work out for you. Every car owner in their lifetime has experienced this. Relax and think smart. Don’t rush and take unnecessary risks.

A car is a complex mechanical machine and numerous things can go wrong with it. Although you should not beat yourself up over this because there is always a solution for almost any problem. We hope this article will be beneficial to you to deal with any kind of a similar scenario. Cheers!


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