Which Brand of Car Tyre is Best and How it Affect Your Car Performance

Which Brand of Car Tyre is Best and How it Affect Your Car Performance

Tires are among the most vital component in a car. They are responsible for rolling the vehicle along the surface and turning. Many people do not realise it, but the tires carry the car’s weight and those of the passengers. It is why we should never load a vehicle beyond the tires’ load-carrying capacity as they will burst. But, enough about their significance and functions. Now, Getting back to the point of our topic.

First, we will discuss how tires affect a vehicle’s performance.

Which Brand of Car Tyre is Best and How it Affect Your Car Performance

Tires & Vehicle Performance

If you think that tires and car performance have no link, you are mistaken. Tires have a profound impact on performance, as you will find out in this article.

Air Pressure

Suppose that you have Nitto tyres installed. If the tires are under or overinflated, they affect the handling. You might notice that the handling is not as refined as it should be, and the reason is incorrect tire pressure. Modern vehicles come with a tire pressure monitoring system (TMPS) that alters the driver if the air pressure is not at the recommended level. If your vehicle does not come with the TPMS, you can get a manual pressure checker. It does the same job. Some experts say that incorrect tire pressure might also damage the suspension.

Tire Size

If you upsize the tires i.e., equip your vehicle with larger tires, you get several benefits and drawbacks. A notable benefit is an improvement in the traction. The larger tires have a wider contact patch (the area that touches the road). Hence, it has a better grip. You will even see improvement in cornering and handling because of the enhanced road grip. Nitto Tyres and Michelin offer a lot of variety of product tires.

The downside is the increased fuel consumption. The reason is that bigger tires increase the car’s weight which means more rolling resistance. Thus, higher fuel consumption. The larger tires will wear out quicker while ruining the suspension in the process. On top of it all, you might face issues with the ABS, traction control, and other features. The reason is that the automobile is manufactured according to recommended settings. If you tweak them, you will face issues.

Tread Depth

Steering response and traction are two things that rank high when talking about a car’s performance. I think that everyone would agree with it and that there are no two opinions about it. If your tire’s tread depth is low, you will see a significant change in these two things. Due to the low tread, you will lose traction while the car’s steering response will not be like before.

Braking Distance

In this case, you can say that it is the matter of life and death. The braking distance must be improved and as minimal as possible. You might think that it is the braking system that is responsible for it, right? Wrong. The braking system is only one part. The tyres are equally responsible for bringing your car to a halt. If your tires are worn out, have incorrect tire pressure, non-recommended size, the braking distance will increase.

Now, we will talk about car tire brands.

Best Car Tire Brands 2021

When it comes to tyres in 2021, consumers have more choices than ever before. But is many choices a good thing? Yes and no. It is good because customers can select a tire from various sources and in all types of budgets. It isn’t nice because not all tyre brands are worth buying. After all, their quality and safety records are abysmal.

It is why you must know the best car tire brands in 2021. We have come up with this list after extensive research and customer feedback. Please note that we do not mention the obvious brand names like Pirelli, Bridgestone, Michelin, Yokohama, Continental, Goodyear, and Dunlop. Why?

The reason is that they are well-known and there is no doubt about their quality. But numerous other brands would give these brands a run for their money. Today’s blog post is all about the lesser-known but top-quality tyre brands.

1.Nitto Tyres

We keep mentioning Nitto Tyres, and it is something that we expect you to notice. Not a lot of people know about it even though their products are available throughout the world. We think that people avoid it because not many car owners opt for it. However, they are making a mistake because Nitto Tyres is one of the best tire companies. Its current owner is Toyo Tyres, a renowned Japanese tire manufacturer. We all know about Japanese manufacturing standards. Therefore, there is nothing to worry about here and buy Nitto Tyres with full confidence. One of the best things about them is that they cater to all types of vehicles.

2.Hankook Tire & Technology

We think that many people already know about them as they have quickly gained marketing share. They are a South Korean based company and are currently ranked among the top 10 tire manufacturers. If you are worried about their quality, we have good news coming your way. According to the latest statistics, Hankook has replaced the Michelin brand as the official tire supplier for Formula E. The deal is set to come into effect in 2022. It is a remarkable achievement for the company and highlights its commitment to quality.


You might think that we have a thing for South Korean brands, but that is not the case. Japanese, South Korean, and even Chinese companies have taken the tire industry by storm. They have quickly grabbed significant market shares from other brands and are making a name for themselves. We like Nexen because they ensure that their products provide the best features even in their low-budget tires.

4.Falken Tire

Have you heard about Sumitomo Rubber Industries (SRI) or the Sumitomo Group? The Sumitomo Group is one of the largest business groups in Japan and worldwide. Various businesses ranging from computers and finance to tyres operate underneath the Group. Yes, Falken Tire is a part of the Sumitomo Group. There is so much to talk about when it comes to this brand. For now, know that Falken Tire is the answer if you are looking for top-quality tyres within a low budget.


This brand is a Chinese state-owned enterprise but do not let that stop you from buying this tire. Why? It is quickly gaining market share, which is evidence of its quality and product range. Secondly, Sportak offers the same quality as premium tyre brands but at a lesser price. How? The cheap labour and overall low production costs. Lastly, the brand is present in over 100 countries. It would not be possible if the products are of poor quality, lack performance, durability, or other aspects.

Wrap Up

It concludes today’s article regarding the best tyre brands in 2021 or how tires affect a car’s performance. Lastly, we request all car owners to drive safe. Always keep an eye on the road, avoid distractions, and invest in periodic car maintenance. We hope that you find the best possible tires for your vehicle and within your budget.