Renault Kangoo Problems | Download this PDF Repair Manual

2nd June 2016 Car, Renault, Repair Manual, Service Manual, Workshop Manual

Renault Kangoo Repair Manual. Like any other vehicle the Kangoo has problems, by downloading a PDF could save future expense and time. Simply search the manual for the problem you are having and you will be presented with a suitable solution.

Renault Kangoo Repair Manual

The Renault Kangoo and the Kangoo Express are a range of leisure activity vehiclesRenault Kangoo Repair Manual and light commercial vehicles respectively, produced by the French manufacturer Renault since 1997. The Kangoo is manufactured at the MCA plant in Maubeuge, France, and in Santa Isabel, Argentina and Casablanca, Morocco. The version for the ASEAN markets was assembled by the Malaysian Tan Chong Euro Cars in its Segambut plant.

The Kangoo is available in three wheelbase configurations: the Kangoo Compact, the Kangoo Express and the Kangoo Express Maxi, all three also being produced in passenger versions. The first as the Kangoo Be Bop, between 2009 and 2012. The Kangoo Compact is used for smaller deliveries, with a payload of 500 kg, while the Kangoo Express is used for larger deliveries and has a payload of 650 kg  or 800 kg. The Kangoo Express Maxi has the largest payload of 800 kg and a maximum floor length of up to 9.5 feet.

A facelifted version of both the van and the passenger versions was available from the beginning of 2013.

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