Has your Renault Megane got a electronic fault and wont start?

Renault Megane Electronic Fault Wont Start

Renault Megane Electronic Fault Wont Start


Renault Megane’s and in fact most Renault’s are known for having electrical problems, for some reason Renault have not addressed this issue over the last decade. These electrical problems can be problematic to troubleshoot, especially if you have little electrical knowledge or troubleshooting without a wiring diagram.

These problems may include:

Renault Megane heating fan problems

The Problem
If the Megane has speed settings problem on your heating dial, the problem is probably an issue with the heater resistor.

Purchase a new resistor and replace it, the should resolve this issue. Check out https://www.eurocarparts.com for best price resistors.

Megane’s engine idling or running incorrectly

The Problem
If the Megane’s engine seems to be running rougher than usual or is not idling correctly, the problem may lie with the Megane ignition coils.


Unfortunate the answer to this problem is to replace the ignition coils. Check out https://www.eurocarparts.com for best price on Megane ignition coils.

Renault Megane Electronic Fault Wont Start

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