Peugeot 208 | Dismantling And Reassembling Exterior Mirror

Peugeot 208 | Dismantling And Reassembling Exterior Mirror

This simple step by step tutorial on how to remove and reassemble the Peugeot 208 exterior mirror. This and thousands of other procedures are available in the full Peugeot 208 workshop manual. By downloading this invaluable reference you will have access to thousands of images, illustrations and pages of text to help get your Peugeot 208 back on the road.



Peugeot 208 choose the correct tool for the job


  1. Disconnect Battery
  2. Remove Door Trim Pad
  3. Disconnect connectors ( a )
  4. Remove Seal ( 1 )
  5. Remove nut ( 2 )
  6. Using tool 1350-ZZ Рunclip exterior mirror ( 3 ) at position  ( b )
  7. Release and remove exterior mirror ( 3 )

Peugeot 208 disconnect the clip from mirror

Peugeot 208 remove the nut before continuing

Peugeot 208 un-clip the mirror in the correct place.


  • Proceed in reverse order to removal
  • Reconnect battery

For more details on the Peugeot 208 repair manual click here ( Peugeot 208 Workshop Manual ) – and get access to this fully comprehensive manual, covering all known issues that may occur to your Peugeot 208. This manual is PDF based and will work on all operating systems.