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Ford S-Max Repair Manual


Download this fully comprehensive Ford S-Max repair manual software and get near 1000’s pages of data, photos, illustrations, technical know how, troubleshooting and repair tips to help you out with any Ford S-Max problem. This Ford S-Max workshop manual is the same manual used by your local Ford garage/workshop, so why not cut out the middle man and attempt some DIY and save a considerable amount the money, along with gaining a sense of achievement.

Whatever the problem you may face, be it the common FordS-Max problem or even a electrical fault, this manual should be able to help you out, with your current difficulty or even future issues that will occur. Future proof any repair on your S-Max, by downloading this Ford S-Max workshop manual.

Ford S-MAX Repair manual instant Download


Why do you need a Ford S-Max Service Manual?

Motoring is increasingly getting more and more expensive, alongside parts costs spiralling, labour charges set by your local dealer are also on the increase, and in most cases brunt most of the cost of a repair to your vehicle. By downloading a service manual, you can eradicate most of those costs, and depending on how confident you feel, our service manuals can remove all labour/service costs from your maintenance bill. It may be worth noting our manuals take you step by step through any repair, and assume that you (the owner), know little or nothing about auto mechanics.

Areas covered in this manual include General Information, Periodic Maintenance, Fuel System, Cooling System, Engine Lubrication System, Engine Removal & Installation, Crankshaft & Gearbox, Wheels, Tyres, Brakes, Suspension, Frame, Electrical System, Fault Finding, Traction Control, ABS and much much more.

About the Ford S-Max

The Ford S-Max is an MPV produced by Ford Europe for the European market. Ford also describes the S-Max as an SAV. Introduced at the 2006 Geneva Motor Show, the S-Max went on sale alongside the new generation Galaxy in June 2006. The S-Max is intended to be sporty as a saloon, and spacious as an MPV. It shows inspiration from the seven-seater large MPV Galaxy, and compact MPV Ford C-Max. The S-Max has received many positive reviews and awards, and was voted European Car of the Year 2007 on 13 November 2006. Ford had plans to sell the S-Max in Japan under the then subsidiary brand Mazda, but they are no longer viable since the latter’s split.

Common questions.

  • Is the Ford S-Max a 7 seater?
  • What’s the difference between C-Max and S-Max?
  • What does S-Max stand for?
  • Is Ford S-Max 4 wheel drive?
  • And many many more.


What To Expect When You Download The Ford S-Max Workshop Manual?

Our manual cover near every possible area of repair, service or repair on your Ford S-Max, although these manuals are used within Ford to aid their mechanics with repairs, they are simple step by step instructions on how to get your SMax back up and running.

  • Engines:
    1.6L Duratorq TDCi
    1.6L EcoBoost Sigma
    1.8L Duratorq TDCi Lynx
    1.8L Duratorq TDCi Lynx
    2.0L Duratec HE
    2.0L Duratec HE Flex Fuel
    2.0L Duratorq TDCi
    2.0L Duratorq TDCi
    2.0L EcoBoost
    2.2L Duratorq TDCi
    2.3L Duratec HE
    2.5L Duratec
  • Transmission / Gearbox
    5 Speed manual
    6 Speed manual
    6 Speed Automatic
  • Exhaust System
  • Suspension
  • Fault Finding>
  • Clutch Removal and Installation
  • Front Suspension
  • Bodywork
  • Gearbox Service, Removal and Installation
  • Cooling System
  • Detailed Specifications
  • Factory Maintenance Schedules
  • Electrics
  • Engine Firing Order
  • Brake Servicing Procedures
  • Timing Chain Service
  • Exhaust Service
  • Abundant Illustrations
  • No wiring diagram
  • Lots of pictures & diagrams

FORMAT: Software (Windows Only)
YEARS :  2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and  2017
COMPATIBLE: Windows Operating Systems
NOTE : This is a very large download, although file is approx 8GB allow for 20GB free space on your PC.


We downloaded this Ford S-Max service manual and helped us get the car back on the road, this was a life saver as we are off on our holiday. Great stuff RepairBooks, thanks for the help. 5 STARS.

Had been hunting for a Ford S-Max workshop manual for a while. Great product and service from you guys.

Hannah Davidson

Hannah Davidson

Ford S-Max Service Manual

I am as for from a mechanic as you can get, but this Ford S-Max repair manual helped us get our Smax back up a running again.

Jane Wilkinson

Jane Wilkinson

Ford S-Max Service Manual

Love my S-max but had lots of problems with starting over the winter, downloaded this Ford S-Max service manual, ordered a part from Halfords and was back to its old self in no time.. Great service RepairBooks.