How to service a car after a road trip


Long road trips are fun and unforgettable, but unfortunately, as soon as you return home, you often have to book a full car service and take care of malfunctions. Driving for longer than usual can cause extensive wear-and-tear on your vehicle, which is why it’s advisable not to overlook the potential issues or forget to invest in car maintenance.

Taking good care of your vehicle after you return from a long road trip is only one of your car maintenance duties. It’s advisable not to skip regular checkups because that’s one of the best ways to ensure that your car is in good condition.

How to service a car after a road trip

Check oils and other fluids

Before you return to work and continue with your life after a long trip, it’s essential to check oils and other fluids. Fluid levels in your vehicle can drastically change while you’re on the road. Get an oil change as soon as you return home because that’s one of the most important parts of your car maintenance routine.

New oil change can help you remove excess dirt that often accumulates in the engine. You will have to do it twice a year if you want your engine to remain clean. If you overlook this issue, your engine may start overheating. Once that happens, other components will be more prone to breaking. Keep your engine in good condition, and you will reduce the risk of costly damages.

Check the quality of your tires

Pay attention to the tread grooves if you want to determine whether you need new tires. Use a penny and place it into tread grooves, and if you can still see one-third of the penny, you need to invest in tire replacement. Tires will lose traction if you don’t replace them on time. Once that happens, you’re most likely going to end up in a car accident. You won’t be able to drive through bad weather, and it will be harder for you to control the vehicle. Stay safe, and determine whether you need to replace tires before you start using your car again.

Clean your car

Travelling for days or weeks means that everybody is the car has to rely on snacks and eat them whenever they can. Munching in the car can be fun, but in most cases, a lot of crumbles, empty candy papers and fruit juice stains will stay in your vehicle. Cleaning your car is another essential part of your vehicle maintenance. Thoroughly clean the car both inside and out. Mould can grow on almost every surface when moisture is present, including your backseat area. Stains can also make the area around the back seats sticky, and there’s no doubt that you might even find ants or roaches in your car after a few weeks. Clean your vehicle and protect the interior if you want to avoid further damage.

Take good care of your vehicle

If you notice any damage on your panel, it’s advisable to visit your mechanics and allow them to fix the issue. Your car will look brand-new and more aesthetically pleasing. They will remove, repair or replace damaged parts, but they will also cover visible traces of damage with spray paint. Invest in professional panel beating and repair if your vehicle is not in good condition. Your mechanics will return the vehicle to its factory state, and you won’t have to worry about the overall look of your car. This is the perfect time to invest in new changes and consider a new layer of paint for the whole vehicle as well.

Do an overall regular service

We tend to notice the changes in our vehicle, but they’re often subtle and undetectable. That’s why it’s vital to get an overall regular service and consult your mechanic as soon as you return to your city. Regular service is not expensive, but it can prevent costly damage. No one wants to spend extra money after a long road trip, but it’s better to invest in your safety and avoid costly damage in the future.


The best time to invest in car maintenance is after you return from a long holiday. Don’t allow yourself to overlook the importance of this investment, but keep in mind that it’s advisable to check your car before you hit the road as well. That way, you will be safe during your holiday, but you’ll also be safe after you return to your home.