How Do Log Book Services Help In Car Maintenance?


A log book service is a type of auto service provided by your car dealer or the service centre, which means that your car will undergo professional mechanic servicing every six months until your car is under a warranty. It is a document that has a record of all the services which is done or that are upcoming.

It also keeps a record of all the expenses you’ve made on the car, and also talks about the health of your car. After each service, the dealer who is authorized usually puts a stamp on the logbook which means that the car has undergone regular service. This stamp is proof that you have maintained your car well. The logbook service will extend the life of your vehicle and also increases its resale value.

Benefits Of Getting Log Book Service Done:

There are many benefits of using log book services some of which are listed below:

Maintains Warranty:

A common misconception that everyone has is that a new car does not need servicing done, as the car is new and nothing might happen to it. But in case something happens and you’ll need to claim a warranty, and you will need to show proof that your car has undergone regular services so that the dealer can consider the warranty of your car and proceed with the claims.

Always take your car to a certified professional. While carrying out regular servicing like an engine oil change or filter change and few other services which are done under warranty. Getting it done according to the logbook will help you in maintaining your car’s warranty.

Extends The Lifespan: It’s a known fact that when you take care of anything it will last you longer than any ill-maintained product. The log book service will help your car to be in perfect running condition, as your car’s life span will be extended with lower repair costs.

Increases Resale Value: A well-maintained car will get you the best re-sale value. When you decide to sell your car and buy a new one you will expect your car to be sold at a better price. This will require you to be regular with your log book service which will prove that your car is in good condition and can get the best price for it.

Where Can You Get Log Book Service Done?

Always research before buying a car. Your car dealer will be with you and your car through its lifespan. They should provide you with the best service even after you have bought a car from them. These authorized dealers will suggest you with a known professional mechanic who can help you out with your car’s regular service closer to your house.  You should only hire an authorised mechanic or service centre less your warranty can get affected.

How Often Should You Get These Services Done?

As mentioned above you have to check your logbook for the upcoming services and keep a record of them. It usually varies according to months or the machine parts validity.

A regular logbook service will help you out in keeping a record of what has been done to your car. Provided you go to an authorised service centre where they will follow the guidelines and gets your car running and maintain the warranty of your car, increase resale value, extend cars lifespan, and also cut down on repair cost.

To maintain the performance of your car and save some money on repairs in the future, getting a logbook service done won’t be much of a hassle.