Ford F150 2008 Problems Resolved

Ford F150 2008 Problems Resolved

The Ford F150 2008 has many common problems (too many to list) , but we will attempt to address a few Ford F150 2008 problems / issues below, if you have any questions or would like some advise on getting your F150 back on the road, please don’t hesitate to contact us with your Ford F150 2008 problems.

Common F150 Problem 1 : On several diesel models of the Ford F150 some owners have found they lose power randomly. There are many reasons for this but the most common is the Ford F150 2008 Problems ResolvedDiesel Particulate Filter getting blocked. The reason for this is due to allot of short journey travelling, this does not allow the DPF to get hot enough to burn unwanted particles.

Possible Solution 1 : Drive the Ford F150 on a long run for in excess of 20 mins at 3000rpm, by doing this it will allow the DPF to get hot enough to burn the unwanted particles. If problems still persists it maybe time to purchase a new DPF. For information on fitting such a device consider downloading the office repair manual – details below.

Common Ford F150 Problem 2 : The boot lid not opening manually is a well documented issue with the Ford F150, the boot will open with out issue from the remote but not when the owner attempts to open it manually.

Possible Solution 2 : This issue can be resolved several ways, firstly by having a software update which resolved this issue 99 times out of 100, but if the issue still persists after the update, the next step maybe to install a new boot micro switch.If you are looking for further answers to your F150 problems, consider downloading our Ford F150 2008, this manual contains thousands of pages of text, photos and illustrations that will take you step by step and Ford F150 2008 project, service or troubleshooting.

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