Car cyber hacking: Is your car in danger?

car cyber hacking

Stealing a car without the physical presence was an unbelievable thing. Now do to the advanced technology, hacking a car remotely by cyber hacking technique effortlessly is no more a big deal for thieves. The level of threat has reached to such an extent that no matter how potential your car technology is, the hackers may cause mayhem on the off chance and invade your vehicle’s mechanical highlights.

car cyber hacking

Things Makes A Vehicle prone to Cyber hacking

In this world of technology, to make up a vehicle intend to cooperate for more noteworthy productivity, requires interconnectivity of frameworks with one another and with a main control.
We also know that there are such vehicles that are self-sufficient and are mostly a self-driving. This means that the vehicle will be connected to internet through WiFi connectivity, making the hackers access through this open doors.
In this advanced technology era, the automated vehicle stores a large volume of information which could be very dangerous if accessed by the cyber criminals. Say for example, your GPS framework. It could incorporate your personal residence, customary courses and this might also incorporate your financial information.

Here are a few hacking points that hackers use to access control over your vehicle

Key fob: The vehicle can be hacked through key fobs and open doors to control your vehicle remotely. The signal from your key fob is accessed by unique signal collector and then the hackers would transmit the signal to your vehicle’s receiver allowing them to open it and even begin to start.
Wireless tyre pressure: Surprised right? Yes, it is true your vehicle can also be hacked through this. The advanced technology in new vehicles will have a tire pressure checking framework which consists of wireless sensors. This could be clocked or even so innovative imitation called mocking.
In-car WiFi: People love to have a high speed internet with good connectivity and hence, they transform their vehicle into a WiFi hotspot. However, by doing this you are opening doors for hackers to access control to get into your vehicle easily.
In-car Stanav: These frameworks in new vehicles open up the door for hackers. Vehicles which use GPS or telematics frameworks, records driving information which could be utilized by hackers and misuse your personal information.
Bluetooth: This is another framework where a vehicle owner connects their phone with their vehicle. Hackers can catch a telephone MAC (Media access Control) address and send some suspicious link or might also hack by sniffing the Bluetooth traffic.
Multimedia System: Yeah, It’s true. The vehicle’s multimedia system could also be hacked through which hackers would show up some secretive message, and if the drivers miss to catch up the write one, then it would burden with ruined programming.


Even though hackers are not yet keen on your vehicle, but they might be in a short-time. QCCollision has created an infographic that gives a step by step advice to lower the risk of your vehicle being hacked..