Skoda Yeti | Removing And Installing Oil Injection Nozzles

Removing And Installing Oil Injection Nozzles part 2

This simple step by step instruction on removing and installing a oil injections nozzle, comes from our Skoda Yeti repair manual, this encyclopaedic workshop manual has over 19,000 pages of know how, including photos, pictures and text, to aid with near any issue you may or could have with your Skoda Yeti.  For more information on this manual – click here = Skoda Yeti Workshop Manual, or use the direct download button below.


  1. The crankshaft must be turned so that the Torx insert T40.
  2. T10545- can be inserted as perpendicularly as possible into the applicable pressure relief valve.
  3.  The teeth of Torx insert T40 – T10545- and the pressure relief valve must engage correctly.
  4. Turn the crankshaft using the locating screw of the vibration damper in direction of rotation of engine until the pressure re‐lief valve is accessible.
  5. Unscrew and remove the pressure relief valves -1- with Torx insert T40 – T10545.
  6. Remove oil spray nozzles .

Removing And Installing Oil Injection Nozzles


  1. Do not bend oil injection nozzles.
  2. Replace the oil injection nozzles if they are bent.
  3. Check clearance of pistons from oil injection nozzles after re‐installing the piston and nozzles.
  4. Installation is carried out in the reverse order.
  5. When installing, observe the following:
    • Fitting position: Align the guide edge of the oil injection nozzle to the area of the cylinder block being worked on.
    1 – Pressure relief valve
    2 – Oil spray nozzle (for cooling piston)
    3 – Fit baffle plate and install sump top part

Removing And Installing Oil Injection Nozzles part 2

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