Mazda CX 5 Camshaft Problems

Mazda CX 5 Camshaft Problems

Mazda CX 5 camshaft problems are common around the year 2013, this is mainly due to a large number of faulted camshafts that Mazda installed around this time.  To tell if your car has one of these faulted camshafts, check your VIN number, and it effects the numbers is up to 163230 as long and starts with JMZKE.

Common symptoms

  • Excessive fuel consumption, especially on longer trips.
  • Very low pitched hum from engine area.
  • Erratic RPM
  • Noticeable smoke from exhaust, especially when cold


If you need any assistance repairing your CX5, be it a camshaft replacement, service or troubleshoot, consider downloading the official Mazda CX5 repair manual.

LINK: Mazda CX5 Repair Manual