Land Rover Discovery 3 Problems Air Suspension – Resolved

Land Rover Discovery 3 Problems Air Suspension

Land Rover Discovery 3 Problems Air Suspension

A possible solution to the Land Rover Discovery 3 Problems Air Suspension. The idea of an amazingly comfortable ride and superb off road driving was helped by the Discovery’s all round air suspension. The air suspension was a revolutionary idea, but like any system, its has many parts that can have faults, unfortunately this faults are far too common.

The symptoms of near always the same, the car shaped warning light with the arrow above it, which will show on the dashboard alert panel, possibly with many other warning messages. These messages may state that using certain height options are unavailable and/or the discovery may have restricted performance.

These symptoms maybe be

  1. one or more corners will not raise, the vehicle will be very slow to raise and may only go to standard ride height.
  2. Will not go in off road or access mode.

Are you having problems with the Land Rover Discovery 3 Air Suspension, this is a very common issue with these vehicles, possible solutions include taking yourLand Rover Discovery 3 Problems Air Suspension vehicle to the shop (garage) for the dealer to take a look at this problem, another less expensive route may be to download a Landrover Discovery 3 Repair Manual, by downloading this manual you will future proof all possible problems that may arise. By downloading our official repair manual you will be instantly be removing the middle man and saving considerable money via labour costs. These repair manuals contain thousand of pages of know how, troubleshooting, photos, text and step by step instructions to get your Disco 3 back up and running. Dealer repair costs can be insane, why not give that project a go yourself. By clicking the above highlighted link or the below buy button, you will be future proofing all unforeseen repairs, servicing and troubleshooting problems on your Land Rover Discover 3.

Another alternative to resolving your air suspension problems other than downloading our repair manual, would be to post a specific problem on our forum. Instantly login and drop a message for one of our staff or our members, hopefully you will get a quick response.