Which is the best season and time for you to have your car detailed?

Which is the best season and time for you to have your car detailed

Car detailing is the activity of cleaning the interiors and exteriors of the car properly. This helps to keep your car in its best possible condition and also keeps the texture shiny and smooth. It helps you to remove visible and invisible contaminants from the vehicle and polish it rightly from the exterior. You can clean the car yourself at home or can take it to the service station for a better performance so that you can get the car cleaned by professionals.

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Why is Detailing the Car Necessary?

Detailing a car includes a number of things and is a wider process. It is a systematic approach in which the car is cleaned depending upon the type of dirt, dust and debris stuck on your car. Different products and services are used to clean the interior and exterior of the car. If you are using the car then it is also necessary that you keep it clean and safe.

Therefore, detailing the car is necessary to keep it clean and maintain the engine’s life. Waxing and painting the car gives it a proper shimmer to the car. One major thing that you need to keep in mind is the time and season when you are getting the car cleaned. Here you will come to know the best time and season of the year when you should get your car detailing done frequently.


This hot and lazy weather is a busy season. You usually travel with a car in summer to protect yourself from sunstroke and heat. The car that protects you also needs some protection. The first thing that you need to do in summers is to avoid parking your car under the sun. Along with this you also need to take care of certain things when you are using rubbing polish machine or washing the car.

The Best Time

When you are getting your car detailed in summer then you should get it done in the morning or in the evening. The temperature is high in summer and cleaning the car in high temperatures can leave spots on it. If you clean it in the afternoon you will get heat stroke and the soap will dry up before you wipe it off from the cloth. So always clean it at the right time.

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The winds are very strong in fall which comes before winter. So you need to take care of your car in this season correctly. Dry leaves and stems fall on the car and make it dirty. Along with it the dust particles and pollutants also get stuck on the car. To remove all this dirt the car needs to be washed and cleaned properly.

The Best Time

The right time to auto detailing the car in autumn is when the winds are not so breezy. The great time to do this is in the afternoon as at this phase the winds are not so blowy and breezy and you can easily clean your car at this time. The warm afternoon will make it more convenient than the breezy evening.


The most important season when you need to take care of your car and get it detailed properly is in monsoon. The rainy water and moisturized air can damage the car and there are higher chances of corrosion due to the mildness in the air. Even mud and dirt gets stuck to the car making it look dirtier and inappropriate to work.

The Best Time

In this rainy season you can wash and clean your car when the day is bright and sunny. The temperature is cool in this climate and you don’t need to worry about the heat. But wipe it properly with a dry cloth so that no spots and moisture is left on the car. Avoid cleaning it at night. You can even detail it correctly in your garage if the rain is continuous.

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Winters may be of different temperatures depending upon the place where you live. There are many countries facing extreme winters with snowfall and there are many with no snowfall. So the car should be maintained accordingly. The salty conditions of snowy weather can develop rust and damage that also affects the mechanism of your car.

The Best Time

Your frozen hands don’t work in the early morning or on cool evenings in winters. Therefore the right time to wash and clean your car is in the afternoon. Less wind and a bit warmer atmosphere is what you need in winter. Clean both the exteriors and interiors of the car properly. If confused then you can opt for car detailing services nearby and get it done easily.

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These are the things to be followed while you are detailing the car according to the season. This will really help you to get a proper cleaning and washing of the car.