Best GAC MOTOR Sedan Cars in 2022

Sedans are one of the most popular passenger cars around the world. A sedan is a car with four doors and a trunk. They come in a variety of sizes, from small through compacts, mid-size, and full-size. Sedans from GAC MOTOR have modern and sleek designs, and they are comfortable as well as practical. Sedans are high in the middle and low the front and rear. Some of the best GAC MOTOR Sedan cars in 2022 are GA4, All New GA6, and All New GA8.



One of the best GAC MOTOR sedan cars in 2022 is the GA4, and this is a car with a petrol engine. Featured with wireless phone charging and GPS 3D audio navigation system, GA4 accommodates up to 5 people and has 4692mm in length and 1805mm in width. The base of the wheel is 2660mm. With GAC MOTOR 2nd generation engine and Aisin 6AT transmission, this model has been designed and executed with clean body lines that are well planted and boxy.

It also has various distinctive styles like the roof concept, which is floating. The steering has the control for wheels that the driver uses mainly to avoid distraction. We have put a sunroof on it which lets an extra light inside the cabin. GA4 has convenient features like power steering, keyless entry, cruise control, and power windows.

Our GA4 has a fleet of safety features, such as the multiple airbags that it has as standard: front passenger’s airbag, driver’s airbag, curtain airbag, and side airbag. We have put anchor point for ISOFIX child’s seat, stability control, ABS, door locks, electronic, EBD, security alarm, immobilizer, and a lane departure warning.

With Ample space as relaxing as at home, GA4 has got a crossover body type. The fuel type it uses is gasoline. It has got six airbags and its wheel size is 17 in inches.


All New GA6

All New GA6 features a larger and more comfortable cabin, incorporating the clever light & shadow design concept. It was our largest at that time when it was first introduced and is still one of the best until now. All New GA6 has a light sculpture designated language with lamps that have been built in the car’s rear. The car has got an assisting system that is semi-autonomous.

This car has an engine powered by 1.5 liters and produces 169hp. The body of All New GA6 has a length of 4891mm and a width of 1850 mm, a height of 1505mm, curb weight of 1455-1512kg, wheelbase of 2815mm. It has a seating capacity of about 5 people. The car uses petrol, and the oil supply type is direct injection.

The engine model we put is 4A15J1, and its displacement is 1495cc; the working method is turbo-charged. The drive train for All New GA6 is automatic and has got six gears. Its rear suspension is multi-link independent; it has front brakes that are ventilated, and the rear brakes are disced. Parking brakes are electronic, and the material used in making the wheel is aluminum. Immobilize, remote lock, and central lock are all manual.


All New GA8


The All New GA8 has a 2.0-liter power engine of turbo four-cylinder with 300nm and 197hp. Its top speed is 225 kilometers in an hour, and its acceleration is between 0 to 100 kilometers in 7.9 seconds. We have made it possess a design that is so elegant, which has a massive chrome grille on the front end and LED fog lamps that are horizontal on the bumper.

The inside of this car has a premium and luxurious appeal with seats that grain Nappa leather. All New GA8 has a length of 5003mm, a width of 1868mm, a height of 1508mm, and a wheelbase of 2900mm. The curb weighs 1705kg, and it has four doors and five seats. The model is midsized with 500L trunk space and 27 compartments for storage. It uses petrol.

Our All New GA8 is a crossover but not on the frame. This car is an eye-catcher when one looks at its exterior surfaces. It could catch the attention of any person who is watching from the outside. We have made the car have a boxier shape from the side profile.

This has alloy wheels wrapped in continental tires, which overdoes it by shaking upsides. The car is designed with double-wishbone front independent suspension, ensuring a more stable high-speed driving control. Moreover, the ADAS Advanced Driver Assistance Systems applied in All New GA8 increase the safety of drivers, which include ACC adaptive cruise control system, LDW departure warning, FCW front collision warning system and Bosch 9.3 premium high dynamic ESP.

We have made the All New GA8 to balance between simple lines and simple shapes, which is mixed between the executive sedan and the eye-catching look. It can never be out of place whenever it is compared to other luxurious convoys. The inside of the sedan car has always been shining with premium and sleek interior design.

The door panel and the dashboard has got a significant difference. We have made seats which are wrapped with durable leather. Our car has enough space too and could accommodate a lot compared to the others. The car has a sunroof that improves the space effectivity by brightening the cabin and giving it an impression of enough space. The storage spaces are being dotted.



People love our cars since they are of the highest quality compared to others. Their physical appearance is also the best, and the materials we use in making them are long-lasting. They are well lit due to the sunroofs they possess. Our cars have many innovations, including batteries that charge super-fast, power engine technology, and are environment friendly. It has one of the best interior designs and enough space to accommodate many people.