Top 5 Nissan Note Problems 2020

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Top 5 Nissan Note Problems 2020

Are you planning to purchase or do you already own a Nissan Note? These are the top 5 things that are likely to go wrong with the note.


  1. The fog lights will not go off : If the fog lights are staying on despite when they are switched off, or if the Note ignition is turned off. There is probably an issue with the MFC, there is a known Nissan Note problem with the multi-function control module.
  2. The third brake light failure issue : A very common problem with the Nissan Note’s is for the third brake light to fail. The issue is mainly caused by leakage  into this area above the rear hatch, therefor damaging the bulb.
  3. Engine idling Issue : The engine idle on the Nissan Note can be too fast or slow, this issue is usually due to a fault with the ignition coils. The idling will be very irregular, or rough instead of smooth.
  4. Steering clicking noise : Are you noticing a clicking noise coming from the steering area when you are turning at speed? This may be due to a faulted locating clip on the steering shaft.
  5. Problems when changing gear : It very common on the Nissan Note for the gears to slip or grind when they are changing. The culprit is more than likely the torque converter in the gearbox.

If you need help with any of the above issues or any other Nissan Note related issue, consider downloading the Nissan Note repair manual from the link below. Hundred of pages of technical know how to get your Nissan Note back on the road.

Nissan Note E11 Repair Manual

Nissan Note E12 Repair Manual