Steps to Replace the Roof Lining of a Car

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Steps to Replace the Roof Lining of a Car

Have you ever wondered how some people correctly guess the age of your car? It’s not some magical power they possess but the interiors of your vehicle that gave everything away. Speaking of the interiors, the roof liner of your car is a common issue you will face over time – it gets saggy! It looks bad, but it also diminishes the car’s overall value, no matter how efficiently its engine still works. Hence, it needs to be replaced if not repaired.

The article features all the necessary steps to replace the roof of the car.

Remove All the Screws Holding the Roof Liner

A sagging roof liner is a huge embarrassment, let alone when pointed out by someone else. Your journey to replace the aging roof liner starts with unscrewing, unbolting, and un-roof lining repair screen shot 2clipping anything holding the structure. Usually, sun visors, dome lights, speakers, and rear view mirror elements need to be removed first. Moreover, it will give you a perspective of the inside of the roof lining structure. If your car is old, some nut-bolts might not comply with the usual screw removal process. But, under no circumstances, you are supposed to remove the roof liner using brute force. Doing so will only make things worse, and you might be left with irreplaceable roof liner. Hence, it would be best if you used all the right tools, including panel popper tool, screwdriver, heat blocker, spray adhesive, wire brush, and others.

Carefully Take Out the Roof Liner

roof lining repair screen shot 1After you have successfully removed all the parts holding the roof liner’s structure, check just once to ensure that the structure is entirely loose. Even when you have double checked everything, pay utmost attention while removing the structure. Now, gently maneuver and remove the headliner. If you feel a pull or tug, stop instantly. If your car is old, there is a chance some part might just come off even at the slightest force applied. Moreover, the top side corner of the driver’s and passenger’s seat might be brittle. Make sure you recline the seats completely, as it will give you more space to work around.

Tip: Try to remove the headliner board from the door side of the front passenger.



Check the Soundproofing Foam

Once the roof is fully exposed, take a thorough survey of the condition of the soundproofing foam. This way, you will get to know if it needs replacements, or a little reinforcement would be enough. Moreover, you can also make new makeovers like installing soundproofing heat-blocker foam if you live in a hotter climate.

Not only will it help to keep your car cooler, but it will also protect the car’s headliner. You can contact your local roof lining repair shop to check if they could provide you soundproofing foam.

Get Rid of the Styrofoam Material

As you remove the car’s roof liner, you might notice that the heat from the roof has dried out the Styrofoam material. You will see some flaky substances coming out of it. Before proceeding with the replacement procedure of roof liner, you need to get rid of this flaky substance. Make sure you do it as gently as possible to prevent any damage to the board. Use sandpaper or some wire brush to clean all the build-up thoroughly. If you see some ripped corners, use some industrial glue to fix it.

Lay the New Fabric and Cut it to Size

Once you have cleaned the roof liner board, take all the new fabric measurements for the roof liner board. Before you cut the fabric, make sure that you leave some extra material around the sides. roof lining repair screen shot 3It will ensure that you don’t get short on the fabric to fix it to the roof liner board. This way, you will rest assured even if you happen to make some measurement miscalculations.

Install the Fabric to the Roof

Place the roof liner in a position that you want to get it glued to the board. You can fold the fabric to expose the other half of the headliner board to spray the adhesive over it easily. It also allows you to smooth the surface and prevent any wrinkles in between. Moreover, you will have to be quick while applying the spray adhesive as it dries out quickly.

Tip: Use your fingertips to follow the contour of the roof liner.

Check the Edges

As you have successfully pulled off the most challenging task of all, it’s time to turn the roof liner board over and attach the remaining material to the board. Ensure that you don’t mess with the edges as it may lead you to the same state again.  Moreover, it would be best if you committed enough time to let the spray paint dry.

Cut the Guide Holes

Now, it is evident that all the holes to fit in the screws are covered with the fabric. For that, you can use a knife to cut the guide holes. Avoid making long cuts and try to keep it to the minimum as required to drill the screws.

Reinstall the Roof Liner

Install the roof liner board back to the frame. Install all the accessories back to its position, and your car’s roof lining is officially fixed!


When it comes to looking after your car’s appearance, it’s not only the outer look that matters the most. What if someone sits in your car and realize the actual age of the car. Therefore, the interior of your car weighs the same as your exterior. The article gives you detailed information about how to fix the roof liner of a car.