How To Choose A Motorcycle Helmet

How To Choose A Motorcycle Helmet

Riding a motorcycle requires certain protection from the head to save from impacts. Every rider must wear a helmet before riding the motorcycle. Choosing the right helmet for your ride is not an easy task. There are certain buying guides to consider protecting your head from impacts. To protect your head safely, I am going to provide you with a guide on how to choose a motorcycle helmet.

How To Choose A Motorcycle Helmet

How to Choose a Motorcycle Helmet


Choosing a motorcycle helmet is essential to protect your head from impacts. To buy a helmet for your ride, there are certain things to consider before purchasing the helmet.

The list of buying factors consider below:

Legal Approval Stamps

Motorcycle helmets have approved legally to ensure a helmet is safe to ride on the road. Since not all helmets have a legal approval stamp, it is important to keep an eye on a legal safety stamp. They appear at the back of the helmet. Three safety standards stamps are DOT, ECE and Snell. To ensure a safe ride is to go for a helmet that carries either one of these legal safety stamps.

Head size and shape

The head size and shape is the main factor to consider when choosing the right motorcycle helmet. Many riders end up buying the wrong helmet size in which they ended up in a fatal impact. To get your head size is to take a measuring tape and measure from the inch above your eyebrows around your head. Do take care that different helmet brands have their head size chart.

To obtain your head shape accurately is to flatten your hair as flat as possible and take the picture above your head. Three head shapes are round oval, intermediate oval and long oval. To know how to choose a motorcycle helmet is to consider your head size and shape.

Helmet fit

The fit of the helmet is important, as the fit helps to contour the shape of your head. When it comes to helmet fit, the helmet should not feel pain in any part of your head. If you do experience severe headaches, you are wearing the wrong helmet size. A little pain is okay as the inner liner of the helmet takes time to get into the shape of your head. To buy the right helmet is to consider the fit.

Helmet types

Protective gears have manufactured different types of helmets that help to provide different head coverage for a certain ride. Helmets have six different types that are full face, modular, open face, dirt bike, dual sport and half face. Each helmet type represents its benefits and pitfalls that require certain coverage for head protection. To buy a helmet for your ride is to consider the helmet types for your ride.


The colour of the helmet comes into consideration as the colour helps to stand out on the road. But it does not mean you cannot buy a helmet of your favourite colour! This is important when it comes to nighttime riding. To buy a helmet for your ride is to go for a headgear that stays visible on the road and stand out from other riders.


The weight is another crucial thing to consider when buying a helmet as the weight helps to firm your head in long routes. This helps to prevent headaches, dizziness and neck pains. Different materials contribute to a lightweight helmet. They are polycarbonate, thermoplastic alloy, Kevlar, ABS, carbon fiber and fibreglass composite. How you want, a helmet depends on the weight. To look for safe head protection is to go for a lightweight helmet.

Interior padding

The interior padding is the most important feature in head protection as the interior helps to displace energy in the middle of an impact. With the care for health and hygiene, many helmets offer removable and washable inner liner. To care for health and hygiene is to go for a helmet that offers a removable and washable interior padding.


The durability of the helmet is crucial in head protection as a durable helmet means a long-lasting headgear. The durability is important as the rest of the buying factors mentioned in this guide contribute to a long-lasting product. If the helmet tears off after first use, then it is not a durable headgear. To know how to choose a motorcycle helmet is to check the durability of the helmet.

Wrap Up

Here is the guide on how to choose a motorcycle helmet. Searching for the right helmet is not an easy task as there are certain guides to consider before making a purchase. To buy a helmet for your ride is to refer to this guide above to protect your head from the crash.

So choose a helmet and enjoy the ride!

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