Tips and Tricks for Windshield Wipers to Last Longer

Tips and Tricks for Windshield Wipers to Last Longer

Usually a new car can be well maintained for at least ten years. But in these years of driving your car, surely you must have faced problems that made you think of selling your car, or rather having a regret in buying the car. One of the problems that you might have faced that still irks you is the wipers leaving a heavy layer of dust that you can’t see what’s in front. Specially during rainy season, if the wiper doesn’t do the work properly, you’ll find it difficult to reach home safely. You must have seen tips and tricks of when should you replace or repair your car windshield, now let’s see about the wipers.

Tips and Tricks for Windshield Wipers to Last Longer

Tip 1: Don’t Use It Dry: Sometimes, you are in a hurry and couldn’t find time to clean your windshield. The dust collected on it intervenes with your view of the road you tend to use the wiper to clear it. But what happens when you do that is you damage the windshield in doing so. So the first tip, never to clean the windshield when there’s dust on it. Ignoring this tip might lead to replacing the windshield. Reason, too many scratches.

Tip 2: The Winter Wipers: Wiping off the snow from the windshield is a task that’s time consuming and tiring. Most of them find it easy to turn on the defroster and clear it with the windshield wiper. But that damages and tears up the soft rubber of the wiper. To avoid the damages, you need to deice your window by using heavy duty scrapper. After you deice, you can use the wiper but you also need to check if there’s any ice stuck in the wiper.

Tip 3: Wiper Cleaning on a regular basis: Rubber doesn’t last for a long time. They wear off and shed a fine powder. So it’s important to clean the wipers every three months. The dirt and grime accumulates under the wiper blades, ultimately damaging the wiper. To clean the wiper, you need to run the cloth to clear off the grime and dust that’s accumulated. This helps in protecting your windshield and your wiper.

Tip 4: Cleaning the wiper blade with washer fluid: Apart from cleaning the wiper with a cloth, using a washer fluid will give a good result. This also helps in prolonging the life of the wiper.

Tip 5: Wipers hate the sun:Even though the wipers are black and they don’t mind the tan, the strong rays of the sun damages the rubber of the wiper. The sunlight makes the wiper blades brittle and prone to cracking.

Tip 6: Keep the Blades up in the winter: There’s not much sun in the winter’s so there shouldn’t be any problem for the wiper. What if it snows? Snow damages the wiper when it’s down on the windshield. It needs to be up during the winter so that it doesn’t stick to the windshield. Snow or freezing rain does that to the wiper. And if you tend to pull too hard when it’s stuck, it damages the rubber of the wiper.

Tip 7: Use a rubber protectant: Clean your wiper with vinegar and rub the blades with rubber protectant. This helps keep the rubber blades be hydrated and are less prone to cracking.

Tip 8: Petroleum Jelly for the Wiper Blades: After cleaning the wiper with vinegar and using rubber protectant, it’s to use petroleum jelly. Dip the cloth into the jelly and wipe it along the entire length of the rubber of each blade. Without wiping off the jelly, let it air dry for ten minutes. The jelly helps the maintain its structure and can be used for several rains.

What are the signs of wiper blades damage?

The signs of the wiper damages are corroded, bent or rusted wiper ends. That is when you need to replace the whole rod with the rubber of the wiper. Apart from this wiper blade damage, there are other signs of damages like:

· Slight separation of the blades from the frame

· Cracks and tears of the blades

· Squeaking sound while cleaning the wiper

· Streak lines along the windshield

These signs usually lead to unclean and scratched windshield reducing the visibility of the road. This is really dangerous and might also lead to replacing of the windshield.

There are environmental factors that leads of damage of the wiper. Like, extreme temperature, dirt and dust stuck in the blades, long periods of exposure to the sunlight, acid rain, corrosion due to salt water. To avoid such damages, you need to regularly maintain the wiper and replace it every six months or a year.


Wipers might seem to be the last item for you to replace when it’s damaged. Sometimes you might ignore the damages to use it anyway to avoid spending a lot. But it’s important to make sure it’s well maintained for your and your family’s safety.