What Are The Steps To Detailing A Car Exterior?

What Are The Steps To Detailing A Car Exterior

What Are The Steps To Detailing A Car Exterior

More and more drivers after having bought a car are opting to subject it to a detailed exterior, but why should a new car be subjected to this type of cleaning, decontamination, polishing and waxing treatments? The outer detailed car again is an indispensable service to add to your new vehicle a protective layer. Auto for trade describes the importance of car exterior detailing.

Every vehicle needs to be protected, every vehicle needs to be treated with great care, care and meticulousness to ensure that it is able to withstand more effectively all the agents that affect it on a daily basis, hence the great importance of providing extra protection.

From Garage Detail Madrid we bring you all the information you need to know so that you can opt for this service. It is important to carry out an exterior detailing on new cars to apply a new layer of protection.

Why do a new car exterior detailing?

Many new vehicles, many vehicles that leave the dealership, have not been treated with special or suitable products for a long time to keep them in good condition, so do not be fooled by appearances. Many drivers believe that the paint on a new car is perfect and that it does not need to undergo any cleaning and detailing treatment, but nothing is further from the truth.

It should be noted that many drivers who buy a car overlook that during the journey made by each vehicle from the factory to the dealership it is possible that the paint on its bodywork could have been contaminated with particles that remain attached to the entire exterior of the car, which are not removed with a simple conventional wash.

Many vehicles have not been treated with special products for a long time and have become contaminated on the way to the dealer. With the detailed exterior of a new car, it will be possible to eliminate all the particles and dirt that have remained on the body of your vehicle. The entire process will be carried out by hand, using specific products, in addition to using only microfiber cloths that do not damage or scratch the car’s paint.

Likewise, we take care of drying the car by hand to proceed with its subsequent decontamination. In this whole process we will not only treat merely the body of the vehicle, but we will also work on the rims, tires, door frames, windows, etc.

What do you get with the detailed new car exterior?

Carrying out a detailed exterior of a new car will allow you to keep the paint of your car in perfect condition, helping to protect it from all those external agents to which it is exposed such as dust, water, pollution, etc. The finishes that will be achieved will not leave you indifferent.

On the other hand, it will ensure that other elements or areas of the vehicle such as rims, tires or windows are perfectly clean and without a speck of dust. Any point of dirt, any particle that has deposited in your car, will be perfectly eliminated thanks to our complete and exhaustive treatment.