BMW R 1200 GS Engine in slow motion

15th January 2018 News


45 thoughts on “BMW R 1200 GS Engine in slow motion

  • Tim S

    When did BMW start using a multi-plate, wet clutch at the front of the engine?? I thought they only used a dry clutch at the rear of the engine. It looks pretty complicated, but would make a clutch change a LOT easier.


  • blu3flare25

    Well now i know why i should never buy a BMW… They have to many parts that are going to fail eventually…


  • Jack Fletcher

    I see a whole bunch of balance and countershafts to try to make up for the fact that an opposed twin is going to shake like a fucking pain mixer. Who cares if they are more reliable, they cost 50-70% more and maintenance costs WHEN it breaks are going to kill you. and shaft drive, because not being able to modify the final drive ratio at all, or for not less than probably 2k, is a fucking great idea.

    BMW = Break My Wallet.

    That said, this was a great video, very well done.


  • MrLankruza

    The bike's still too heavy to go properly off road without being a pain in the ass. Get a proper enduro. No one cares about your matching pant suits.


  • Bob Outélama

    You know. I'm surprised that we don't have car powered by those kind of engine. A very light monocoque 2 seater car with this engine located under the trunk space… would do just fine.


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